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July 25, 2010


Katy G


helen stewart

Cats! :)


LOVE these... sooooo creative and fun... and I love the name... Soap Spitters... I will look forward to having one these little guys spit some soap at my house soon!! Congrats Michelle!


Oh, I´m weak for the hen. But the trouble with your stuff, is that it´s always so difficult to choose, because they simply are adorable every single one of them! Now I need to figure out how many I can possibly fit into my house....
Let´s see, two sinks... can I use them for shampoo? And conditioner?
Other animals? Hm. How about a mermaid? Not exactly an animal, but...?


LOVE them...definitely the blue birdee. ok, and the pig is hilarious.

meg duerksen

very very cute michelle!

Debbie J.

YaY!! Very, very cute. I love the frog!


Hi Michelle ~ I thought I would like the frog the best since I collect frogs....but I LOVE the blue color and eyes on that owl. Very cute!

Kirscha Gray

I'll take the Owl!!!! LOVE THESE... FABULOUS idea... I have been looking for a whimsy soap dispenser.... but there aren't any!! CONGRATS...YOU DID IT AGAIN, MICHELLE!!!!!!!!!!


My favs in order; the blue birdie, the owl and then the froggie! Love the idea and the name is too funny! xo


Definitely the pig! Love the idea!


love these!!!! how about a horse - my girls would love that :-)
so so so fun!!! maybe a tropical fish too.


That is SO funny...I have an owl soap dispenser that I got from Target a few years ago, and his foot has been broke off for some time plus he looks a little rough, so I was just thinking early today that I need to find a new one...and low and behold I see this blog post! The owl one is mine come September!!


Caity O'Connor

FROG!!! I love the owl and the bird but the frog is my favourite - I wish I could buy your stuff over here!

Cheryl Taxel

The cat and the rooster...my favs! These are soooo clever and artsy and another wonderful conversation piece for the home + functional..... == GENIUS!!


OMG, awesome!!


Very cool! Love the Owl!


Those are adorable!! The owl and frog are so cute!


Oh, those are so perfect! I want a frog...one of my boys is majorly into frogs...can't wait until September! Way to go! Still loving your creative style!


Ohh Michelle, these are *LOVELY*!!!

Laurie Miller

These are great. You are so right - most sd are so uninspiring. My favorite is the frog!

Michelle Rydell

They are adorable! I would put the owl in my bathroom and the rooster in my kitchen!!! So cute!!!

jennie henderson

I want the owl!!!! I won the owl bank and he needs a friend.I need a soap dispenser. What a great idea! so cute...

Erin Leigh

Oh my gosh michelle, are you kidding?!?!? I want all of them. Every single one. What a perfect little gift. For myself. And all of the people I love. I'd love to jump into your brain for just a few minutes. These are really fun.


Girl, you are so creative! Those are so adorable and I want the rooster. A moose would be cute too.......

We'll be at Summit View on the 15th and 22nd of Aug. Hope to see you there!

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