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June 07, 2010



What a great post Michelle. Honestly, I love running in the rain. In high-school, some twenty years ago, we would make every effort to find a mud puddle to jump in and make our new shoes dirty. Therefore; we wouldn't have to worry if they got dirty or not because they were already at that point.

On that note, I've never ran 20 miles either. Great job!!!

Lelainia Lloyd

I am trying to mentally push through the idea of summer, which is approaching. I know I'm gonna sound like a total scrooge for saying this, but I find the summer hugely depressing. It's my least fav time of year. I dread it's arrival and then can't wait for it to be over. Seriously!

SO yeah, trying to figure out how I am going to push through it this year. Can we just skip it and move onto Autumn, which is by far, my FAV time of year?!?


so true.
when i am dying tomorrow on the treadmill i am going to say "if it was easy then everyone would be doing it!" thanks!

i can't even imagine running in the rain!
that sounds crazy.
and kind of fun.

Shari Sherman

Haha! It's so funny you mention this, because I JUST emptied my inbox. Not quite a 20-mile run in the rain, but feels good nonetheless! LOVE the ROBOT!!


I am trying to push through these creative chains that I am putting myself in. I have joined two e-course to help me JUST sketch, just paint, just do something. I have been looking, reading and admiring all these wonderful blogs of artists and wishing I could be THAT but I am not giving myself the chance. Along with my training for the marathon which is giving me self-confidence that is what I am pushing through hoping to feel rewarded at the end.


what a fun robot! You´re making it fun to save for a whole new generation. Which might not be such a bad idea in itself.
Running for hours in the rain... I am sure you are much more viking than I´ll ever be! :-)


Love this post...love the picture!!! You rock, michelle!


20 miles, really?!! I struggle to run for one whole minute...

your robot is adorable! Someone mentioned in your other post that it looks like a 'dalek' from Doctor Who, and I gotta agree with her. I'm a nerd, I watch the show! :-)


We ran a 5K in the rain this morning. Downpour even. Delayed 20 minutes for thunder and lightning! Never done it before...it was great! Didn't really need the extra 5 pounds from all the water my tshirt was carrying...but we finished it, and finished it in style!

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