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June 17, 2010



Wow. I liked the first picture. The second picture I thought was very cool. The third made my mouth drop open. SO COOL! Totally worth painting over fav spots. Lovely.


very fun... and I love her eyes!


I like the unusual colour pallet. THe eyes are my fav part.

I know what you mean about doing art with an end game in mind. It kind of takes the purity away from the freedom of creation. There's no reason why you can't block out time for creating just for yourself. You just have to commit to allow yourself that time.


pure happiness on canvas! i smiled big when i saw that you sneaked a bicycle into the swirls! you athlete you!


Did somebody say Marathon. That might hurt:)


amazing energy coming off the canvas!!! wow, i love those colors!

Nancy S

Magnificent colors! She's a beauty for sure.

Marathons? Ugh! Best of luck to you but I'm tired just thinking about it.


Love it so cute!!! What is your favorite kind of paint???? And what kind of texture do you use ? I've been trying some new stuff but I love all your colors.Beautiful.


Amazing! love the painting.
hope you dont get have to run your Marathon in the rain.


I love the turquoise in your painting...it's the same color as my studio walls! You are going to be my role model now because I am planning on running my first marathon in November! Best of luck!!


I love the colours!


Ha, ha, ha! That is exactly what I want to do when I retire too :-) We´ll be these wrinkled old ladies covered in paint with smiles on our faces that refuse to die, simply because we´re having a too good time! Ha, ha, ha...
I am so glad you take the time to fun-paint BEFORE retirement too though. It´s absolutely lovely!

Art Cant Hurt

you are crazy! was in seattle last year for the inaugural rock'n'roll run and it was perfect weather - hope you get that this year! have fun & run with paint under your fingernails ;)

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