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June 29, 2010



those objects were clearly made for each other! this painting is one of my favorites, possibly my top favorite of yours. it is a beauty!


WOWSER! I am really diggin' this style of your work! It's so vibrant and the movement in it is wonderful. What brand of paints do you use? I am dying to know!


Michelle, I just have to tell you how this piece resonated with me. Over 8 years ago I left an abusive marriage. For the most part I kept my secret to myself because I didn't want people to think poorly of me and my marriage, etc..., because I wanted a miracle, but it became too much for me. Over those years I often would think about confiding in family and friends about my desire to leave, but the phrase that always came to my mind was, "A chick has to peck it's self out of it's own prison." I had make that decision all on my own. I likened it to a baby chick, if someone else did it for me, it could end badly. I know a lot of people wanted to help me, wanted to set me on a path and get me out of trouble, protect me, provide me with "freedom", but it really had to begin and end with me. My own choices, my own courage, my own convictions, so that I didn't look back with regret, doubts, or fear. (Of course, not to leave out that I needed God's wisdom in my ear and not the many opinions of my loving but conflicted and human friends. I needed to be clear of the human urge and for me that was the voice.) But, anyway... this picture really moved me back to that courageous and faithful time in my life, when I was the chick and God's mouth was in my ear. Truly an instantaneous moment of the Divine reminding me of that when I looked at this. Probably not at all what you painted it about but I thought you'd like to know. Thanks for sharing! Vicki Oh, and I LOVE THE CART TOO!


Oh yes, the story that she tells. So many of us are unfortunately the character in that story. You are blessed with talent and support! When are you going to start selling your paintings on Etsy? The cart is just so cute, you lucky duck.


wow. that is amazing!


it is so pretty.
the colors and the story.
i love it.
will you make prints?

and that cart? i am jealous!


This is just fabulous! I love every bit of it, and I love how there is so much color, and details.

Art Cant Hurt

your technique of layering is where the depth of your work shines from!
and we do all have layers, don't we....
p.s. the color you chose for the cart is very fitting i think - enjoy!


Absolutely beautiful, Michelle!

Paulette Insall

you already know how much i love (and want this painting). :D i hope if you decide not to sell it, you will offer prints of it. i absolutely adore it and now that i know the story behind it, i realize why i was so drawn to it. xoxoxo

Michele from Pipi La La

Utterly loverly!


You are so deep...I love you dear friend...am blessed to know you and run into you around town now and then!!!! xo

Erin Leigh

michelle... amazing! love it. love your the jesse reno-yet-so-michelle style. i love that I could see this painting without it being on your website + just know that it was created by you. Lvoe the colors + layers + depth + story. the whole shabang!

Nursing clothing

Wow so cool!! I love it!! So great!!
Thanks for sharing it!

cristi clothier

Awesome painting! That would look fabulous in my studio! :wink: :wink:

Healing Expressions

I cannot believe what you transformed this work into my dear!!! Thanks for sharing its beginnings with us. That was a wonderful day of arting and friendship!!! I am still working on mine!

jennie henderson


Kimberly Kelly Santini

Love it - the painting AND the cart. A woman after my own heart!!

Shelly Massey

Beautiful! And the message certainly seems to resonate with people... I definitely connected to it. The people who love me the most are the most practical and "grounded in reality" people I know. Sometimes that leads to some differences of opinion and makes me doubt that I'm headed in the right direction. I'm pretty sure they'd like to keep me in my safe, mostly rejection-free, well paying job. :) I'm learning to trust my inner voice that tells me to not be scared and that I have nothing to lose by putting myself out there. So far the rewards are so much greater than the risk and work involved. I'm going to keep plugging away regardless of the people who want to protect me "for my own good" or to limit my vision so I don't stress myself out. Anyway...! I love the painting, Michelle! Really glad you're getting to have fun with your art. xoxo, Shelly

Nancy S

I love the color you chose for the cart. I always pick up furniture and think that I'm going to paint it bright and fun colors but that never seems to happen. For now I'll just ogle yours!

Love the painting. Wow.


oh my lord! this is so beautiful and amazing. I want to stare at every minute little detail and color. I love it.


She´s beautiful! I adore how her lips are a bird, and the green "Barbapapa" with the worm-mouth and the really scared thrown-in-the-air-arms/horns is fleeing away from the lips-bird. There are so many details here, and the colors are super! And her eyes too! I agree with the others requesting a print of this - she´s just so beautiful! Everytime you post another painting, it becomes a new favorite :-)


Oh, yeah, and the cart... I´m minty green with envy... :-)


Un vrai coup de coeur, beautiful, i love

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