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June 09, 2010



Being one of the lucky ones, I´ve seen your studio "live", and I LOVE it! There is so much space, and it is such an inspiring place. I work from my house, and I find the art to creep into every available space in every room :-) Maybe I just have too much stuff... So my dream is to have a studio outside the home, but like yours, not too far away.


Thats an awesome studio. I thought of having an actual studio out in the backyard, but I didn't want to feel exiled. I'd be lonely. I'm that type of person. But dang with a window like that and that kinda light I might change my mind! :)


for the last two years i have had a studio in my shed, "the soul shack", in the way back of my yard. it is not climate controlled so the winter was freezing and in the summer it gets taken over by creepy crawlies. committing to go out there is the hardest, but once i am there it is the best. i play my music as loud as i want and make huge mess. we are moving next week and i am turning the 3rd bedroom of the house we are renting into a studio. it will be a change but i am hoping to be more productive since it will be more accessible and i can get in there when i can't sleep. my volume will have to be turned down and i will have to install a lock to keep the little ones out but hopefully it will work out for the best. i am just happy that my husband realizes how important having my own space is to my well being.


As you know, my studio is in my house. I love my studio... it's a nice size space with great closets to hide stuff... and little twinkle lights around the ceiling to give it sparkle. I like that I can still make a mess in there and walk away but sometimes I think I would be more productive if I couldn't hear the laundry calling my name or be as easily interrupted by visitors. I agree there are pros and cons to both... but I'm blessed and thankful to have the space I do so no complaining here... at least not today!


I love seeing your space! Thanks for sharing and I can't tell you how excited I am too be on your sidebar - ahhhh!

Shari Sherman

My studio is at the back of our house in what is called the "Florida room" which is basically an enclosed porch. The best part is that it is roomy and I have space. I'm in the process of painting it right now and am loving the transformation, and how much it makes we want to get out there and create. The only drawback...I do wish I was a little more separate, so I wouldn't be distracted by the daily going-ons of the family. It would be nice to just hear it, like a fly on the wall, but it is no time before Mom is involved. All in all I feel it's a good compromise because there are doors that I can shut, and one of the great things about being an artist is spending more time with the family. Then, there are the times when I pack a little portable kit and take it to the living room, so I cam hang out and watch TV with everyone but still do some creating!


Unless we build a Velodrome in the house mine has to be outside:)


You could get a baby monitor to keep in touch with those in the house... :D


Started my studio out of my bedroom in the house and now I have a separate studio behind the house and I LOVE IT and for the same reasons. Especially making big messes and walking away and the next day, I can come back and play in it again! I'm also a night owl and my hubby is not, so if I'm out there late, I can do whatever I want, when ever I want. Thumbs up to separate studio! and my new Allen Designs crazy pig clock makes it even better...;)

Laurie Miller

My space is seperate - the same as Gina's - a converted shed. My husband expanded it several years ago for me. I love it. It can be cold - but a portable heater keeps me warm. I have a tv, all of my favorite "chick flicks", and my i-pod dock so I can listen to my music and sing as loud as I want. I love having the seperate space - my brain immediately goes into create mode when I step through the door. The drawback is I feel so seperate from the family. My daughter has been known to say "we don't live in the studio, Mom". My favorite part? When my older daughters come out to work on their own projects while I am working on mine. The space becomes electric with creative energy!


My space has evolved over the years. Now I have a separate building behind the house. It is nice to not have to see all the mess of creating but I can talk myself out of going to my "cottage" when it is raining. Here in Vancouver it does that a lot so I read through most of the winter!

Jennie Henderson

I would love to have a big nice studio in a big huge house .For now I have to settle for my living room table. Sorry family.....LOL :>

Jenny Wynter

I've only JUST gotten my studio set up, in the double garage of our new place. I'm loving it so far, but find it difficult not to get distracted by housework!

Just wanted to say I've only just found your blog and already I LOVE IT LADY! x


So glad I have discovered your blog & extra to fun to find out you are a local artist. Your work is beautiful and love seeing where you do your creating. Will enjoy following your blog!


I just want the extra space. Currently, my sewing room is about a 10' x 10' space, sharing with bookshelves, a vacuum cleaner, bulky TV, rocking chair (so I can waste time and watch tv...and iron quilt pieces on my little laptop ironing board...), not to mention a crap load of other stuff. Junk.


my goal is to be able to manage a space like this someday, but for now i've banned myself to a desk for my computer and two kitchen cabinets for my art supplies. i'm very disorganized and this seems to be the only way i can maintain the clutter from spiraling out of control! this is just a beautiful work area, michelle!

p.s. as to your e-mail earlier this week, YES!!!!! i will write more later!! :)


I've put all my stuff in the spare room upstairs, but I don't like the light there. So, most of the time I end taking what I need downstairs and I do my creating on the kitchen table (large table) next to a large window opening out into the garden where the light is much better. My dream is to have the attic converted into a studio with several windows where I could put all my stuff and all my books.

miz katie

If I had a view that gorgeous, I'd probably whittle the day away staring out the window. sigh!

My studio is right off the living room, which has its pros and cons, also. Sometimes, the tv is on waaay too loud, which makes it hard to concentrate. Sometimes, I get company a little more often than I'd like. But, I have french doors that I can close, so it's not too bad.


Love it!! Love the idea of having a separate space from the house.


Love hearing how many others... leave mid-mess! My study/office has been perfect for an art room! My husband can't believe I can use that much space (It's a big table desk) I get lost up there for hours :)

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