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May 25, 2010


Art Cant Hurt

such running dedication! LOVE the bird (it would make a glorious tattoo!)
have a safe journey home!
take care!


I am LOL at the thought of the people watching you run... hilarious!! I'm so proud of you for keeping the smile and winning them over! Says alot about the power of a smile... especially yours! Oh... and LOVE the running bird... toooooo cute. Love you and we'll see ya soon.


Jajajajajaja............eres increible, siempre que paso por aquí ademas de ver las cosas tan hermosas que haces, me sacas una sonrrisa, eres una mujer muy vital y un encanto de persona, afortunados los que están a tu alrededor.Muchos besos de colores.

Lelainia Lloyd

Oh Michelle, you simply *must* make a bird tattoo for yourself! I am a collage artist, not a drawer or I would have drawn my own. And yes, it's a Cori Dantini. Love her!

Maybe I will set a new trend in tattoos for Mixed Media artists?!? *laughs*

sherry goodloe

Your dedication is something to be admired! LOVE your bird TOO. He/she makes me smile *smiles*


What a cute doodle. I love how you did that in photoshop. Yes please don't stop blogging you are one of my fav blogs to read! I'm always so inspired by your artwork. :)

Amy Peters

So cute! Love it...travel home safely my friend!

leigh standley

Shel, you are THE CUTEST person I know!! I am doubled over thinking of you running past all those crabs and making them smile! Safe trip home!


Love the Bird! So cute it just makes me smile!
Thank you!


Looks a little roasty. I'm sure you lost a few pounds on that run. Can't wait for you to come home!

Vicki Hall

It's funny, but as I noticed your new post I started thinking about how it's been so fun to watch your successes over the years and remember back to when you were doodling on Pee-Chee's and talking cycling in Mrs. Fryer's English classes. I was literally thinking that when I had to search your name so I could go back and read what you wrote about that little running bird. Funny how time flies so quickly, that seems like yesterday... It's been fun to watch the "what ever happened to Michelle" play out in real life! I'm smiling!


Good for you! I bet you had a flash back to the movie,Ground Hogg Day. Thinking "haven't I been here before?" after running that far in such a small area! I guess it is no different than a track huh? I am excited for you to be home and sorry that I didn't post any comments earlier, I have been buried in work and running myself.Whoo-hoo Seattle!!


you are an inspiration.
16 miles? amazing!
and thank you for another great sermon podcast. i love them and i am picky about voices...this guy sounds good to me.
i will try him out tonight.


Your birds are great! Really super-great! Love the colors. Even though the top one more has "my" colors, I think I like the bottom ones even better. Maybe there really is something about European colors. I had´t it given much thought until you mentioned it...

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