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May 21, 2010



It looks great, Michelle! You are so full of good ideas and have such a great way of making everything with your special personal touch. I love the door-knobs/handles, and they are all different. They are too cute!
Here is a link to my version:

Shari Sherman

This looks great, Michelle! I'd like to make something like this. I'm tired of sifting through my ribbons also!


That is VERY creative!!! Of all the artsy creative things you've posted on your blog, this is probably my favorite...because I actually think I could pull this off!!

Kim Seistrup

This would also be cool for a collection of tapes! Love how it makes an additional shelf above too!

Nancy S

Wonderful! Such a great idea. I've been buying a lot of washi and fabric tape. It would work great for that as well. Spindelmaker just posted something very similar to this project: http://www.spindelmaker.com/hidden-behind-the-door/

Thanks for sharing.


love it love it love it. My ribbon stash is depleated after doing the banners project we did. but one day....

Debbie H

Perfect! I'm going to do this tomorrow! Thanks!


a great tutorial and even cuter in person!


Magnifique ! I love it too ! Can I translate your tutorial in french on my blog ?

ana @ iMadeItSo

this is cute!

Wendy @ Living Creatively

Love it!! This is going on my Projects List!


I like this! I have apple crates from when my grandparents had a farm... Over 20 years ago. One of them would be perfect for this project... My ribbons right now are hanging on a hanger that I melted a section off, slid on my ribbon spools and then closed it up with masking tape. :-P


I am going to make one to!
I get frustrated all the time, with my ribbons all in a cluster.

Heidi Woodruff

I love this look! Charming! ~Heidi


Mis felicitaciones !!!! yo inventé uno y gané un premio... pero me gusta mucho más el tuyo !!!! de verdad !!!! me ha encantado... creo que haré otro igual !!!!

Mira: http://elraconetdelanuna.blogspot.com/2010/02/portacintas-y.html

Un saludo

חדרי תינוקות

Nice tutorial! I like this tutorial. I never found such a great and amazing ribbon tutorial. I like to read such types of creative tutorial with smart techniques. Great and informative blog shared by you here.

learn to surf

Hello, thanks for teaching us!! yeah its very simple, I did it myself, I cant believe it!! Excellent Ribbon Tutorial, I am gonna share this on my Facebook ;)

Cindy Martin

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT !!! Thank u 4 showing me. Some of the old n some of our slew(of craft stuff n stuff n stuff)

דלתות כניסה עץ

Nice tutorial shared with us. I like it. I like your way to represent this tutorial. It will very useful in my next project.

עיצוב חדרי תינוקות

Awesome tutorial I love it. This tutorial is great for anyone who wants to understand this subject more. This is great stuff.


I have been making the skirt and I came to the part that you gethar the stitches. Now I am a fairly new sewer, so excuse my silly question, but is getharing stitch the same as a basting stitch and why do you do 2 rows? I always seem to break the thread when I am getharing material, any suggestions.I love this skirt and other wise feel it has been very easy to follow your tutorial. Thanks for adding directions on how to adjust for different sizes. Once I get this one done I am going to make one for my 4 yo and my 2 yo daughters. Started with my oldest 7yo old daughter first.

Judy Ebeling

Very cool idea. I collect old boxes and have lots of ribbon spools from craft projects, so this idea is just what I can really make and use. Sorry now that we left all our old glass door knobs when we sold our 200 year old house-could have used a few for this project.

Sweet Threes

This is such a cute idea! Love the rustic look of the crate and the doorknobs!

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