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May 21, 2010


Cheryl Taxel

I do I do! :-) hugs and love, your ole sushi pal.....cheryl


The horse urine eggs caught my attention so I had to do a little research. Even though they sound horrible to taste, they are very pretty and those colors give me some inspiration for making more beads. The green and brown is so pretty. Hmmm...the name for the set of beads I'm thinking of... "Horse Urine Beads" or "Century Beads" sounds better! Loved your post! I would love to visit China. Have a blast!!


hahaha! I love how they treat you like a queen Michelle! Seems like you get treated to such delicacies (sp?)while there! LOL When i saw the title of your post, i immediately wondered if you had taken my advice from last time, and told them you had turned vegetarian. But then... the eggs... oh my! LOL But still... wayyy better than the snakes! :>0 Were you able to smuggle some crackers, bread or power bars into the country with you? :D Stay safe and enjoy!!


my goodness. I knew you wouldn't let me down. I think I threw up in my mouth. I'll pass. Well, maybe if I could bring freeze dried food or a couple boxes of power bars. No, I'm sure there are lots of yummy things to eat....
Have a great rest of your trip.


i'm SO there...I promise one day I'm gonna be your tag-along for this China trip of yours...start talking to them about baby onesies! ha...

but I'm not eating any of those funny eggs- let's just get that out there now!

have fun...and keep posting pics- love em!


I LOVE to go places and would LOVE to be there with you! Of course, I'd pack some pop-tarts in my suitcase to tide me over while you eat all the exotic foods there. LOL!

By the way, I just returned to VA from visiting my sister in SC. We shopped in downtown Greenville at the Emporium. I thought of you because as soon as I walked in the door of the shop there was a decorated wall of your colorful creative clocks!! You get around!

Take care of yourself in China!


wow- i really don't think i could eat in china! i might just starve. :-) hoping you are having fun. i saw your cute girls at church on sunday and i asked them if they are getting to eat a bunch of junk food and pizza since 'mom's gone' they said nope- that is what happens when dad's gone!!! hahaha! hope you have fun and get to take lots of fun pics while you are there! lindsay

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