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May 03, 2010



The hokie pokie?....First you put your two knees close up tight then you swing em to the left and you swing em to the right..walk around the floor kinda nice and light etc.........


Love this Michelle. I love seeing the process and I agree about the chocolate. I better start runnin! congratulations on the Boston Marathon.

Julie Kanehl



Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!


I´m BUZZZING in the rain, just BUZZZING in the rain! what a glorious feeling I´m BUZZZZZING again!
No, that´s too long. but he looks like he´s singing:-)
He´s turning out great!


the colors are just amazing - and i love the raindrops!!

laura kennedy

flew in from the rain...


Love your style - so fun and light

"Reflections in the teardrops show me whats inside"

Kimberly Kelly Santini

HAH! I'm a choc and diet pepsi freak, too. Gets the brushes dancing, that's for sure!

Love this new work (and yest's journal page). :)


Mmm, chocolate... Pretty amazing to see how you go from layers of yellow and orange to this gorgeous concoction! (p.s. you left your molding paste here - it's been looking for you!)
: ) lulu

Catherine Halvorsson

Great painting - love it!

robin west


Karen Kearney

Michelle!! So cute!!!

Deirdra Doan

Wow...cutie painting......I posted you on my blog today..you are such a darling!!!

Sue Thomson

The rain is beginning to "Bug" me...? ;-)

Art Cant Hurt

reminds me of the 'very hungry caterpillar'!


yay I love! SO PRETTY

wench costume

wow.. you're really into it. the layering is excellent. I love them!

medieval dresses

That is just one brilliant master piece! great post as usual.


lovely work!

I saw your art bag at artfest, and I totally love it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,sure wish I had one.........sweeeeet!


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