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April 08, 2010



We're saving to take a trip this summer for our 30th anniversary! Yay!


I'm already a newsletter subscriber.

Christine Phelps

Hi Michelle -

Love your banks they are yummy! I've got my eye on the little blue bird! The bicycle block I bought from you was a HUGE hit for my son's birthday - it was given a special place on his shelf!

I am $aving for to buy perennials for my empty flower garden - we just bought a new home and it came with a beautiful empty flower bed! Very excited to create with flowers!

Take care ~ Christine


I am saving money to go to school.I am a single mom with a dream for everything fashion and art. I love how creative you are and I hope to one day be half the talented artist you are! I love your stuff its amazing....



I'm saving money, so I can travel to Bali this summer. My friend will be meeting me there and we plan to go BEAD shopping!! Yeah!!! I'm excited.

Julie Kanehl

I am saving up to buy one of your clocks! (Maybe two, lol). Things have been so tight in the budget lately, no extra $ for the whimsical stuff that just makes you smile, and let me tell ya, I could use to smile these days.
I love your work! Keep it up!

<3 Jules

Janne Robberstad

I´m saving for next years Artfest!
And added your give-away on my blog & shared it on Facebook, because I think everyone should have an authentic AllenDesign! Oo! I saw your clocks in Las Vegas last night! The lady said they sold lots of them :-)
Have a nice day!

Julie Kanehl

P.S. I did all four things!! <3 Jules


Saving? Is that even a word? LOL! For me it would be Turtle Island. AHhhhh.......


Hi- saving to pay the giant deductible for Lael's surgery? Really just wanted to say to have an amazing run in Boston---- isn't it very soon?

Cheryl O'Dell

I'm saving money to take a nice relaxing vacation. But will probably spend it on new books for our library.

Karen Johnston

I have been watching you from a far up here in Canada, if that is not a problem I would ADORE one of these. I really LOVE LOVE your style and this would be lovely to put my savings for my trip to Paris in the fall.

Keep up the great work Michelle:)
ps.I just signed up for the newsletter too!

Gail Pruitt

I'm a new fan of your work. My sister-in-law gave me one of your jazzy steaming teapot clock for Christmas -- love it! I'm saving money for some home improvements to the kitchen and home office. Those banks are soooo cool!

Judy Liebo

My 2 granddaughters live with me and they need to learn the value of saving.

Judy Liebo

...and I get your blog and newsletter which I love. Always amazed at your designs.

Cheryl F. {The Lucky Ladybug}

I'm saving money for a rainy day :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

Cheryl F. {The Lucky Ladybug}

Allen Designs Facebook fan

Cheryl F. {The Lucky Ladybug}

Signed up for the Allen Designs newsletter

Cheryl F. {The Lucky Ladybug}

Tweeted the giveaway, http://twitter.com/TheLuckyLadybug/status/11862138310

Brenda Bliss

Your art makes me so Happy!! Thank You!! I am saving my dollars for a trip to a beach. I am kinda overwhelmed in life and know that a few waves and some sand will be oh-so-healing...


I am saving money for a Kayak...snowboarding will be over soon so i need a summer love;)

Baby Lux Design (Tyler)

Your lovely banks are on my blog :)...I NEED the owl bank, gotta have it...after my camera took a dive at artfest I'm saving for a fancy EOS(don't know what model yet) but I'm half way there for a medium range one! xo

Tiffany McPeek-Davis

Hey M! I'm saving money for all the upcoming races I want to enter! :)


Sooooooo cute! I am saving up for my next installment to Journalfest! First time going, can't wait. Are you going? Would love to watch you working on your journal in person! Hope to see you there.

Pati Hall

I am saving my money for an operation that I must have to be able to see. The skin on my eye lids is sagging so much that it's in my vision field. My mom had the same problem so its genetic as well. I looked at my high school year book and couldn't believe how bad its become, as its been such a gradual change. So this year is it.
I love your art work, but am especially fond of your clocks. The best to you.

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