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April 08, 2010



I am saving money to buy banks for my 8 month old twin nephews. ;)

Melisa K

I've just discovered you through Leigh at Curly Girl and I love your artwork and your blog (especially the post about your 15 year-old-daughter who is confident enough to have her own sense of style AND still hold hands with mom.)

I'm saving for a save-my-sanity getaway with my husband. We are dorm parents at a boarding school outside of Boston, where I also work a few "day jobs." (Actually, your daughter seems very suited to our smart and creative student body!) In any case, we live with 26 teenage girls, helping them navigate the bumps of adolescence and bearing witness to every accomplishment, disappointment, and emotion along the way. We love it, but it can be draining. In order to preserve our sanity--and our marriage--we're planning a little getaway. Perhaps one of your banks can help!

I shared this on facebook (and sent it to several friends), became a facebook fan AND joined your newsletter.


Oh, they are so cool! :-)
I'm saving to buy more art supplies! ;-)


Hi Michelle! You blog is so adorable, I am working on one and I will share when I get it up. I learned about you from the Curly Girls on FB. I am saving money for my wedding, but more importantly so I can be a stay at home artist! Wouldn't that be grand?


I am saving up for a new camera I am in desperate need of a new one! All of my pictures are so dark now! Thanks for the chance to win an awesome prize!! I will be tweeting (Fiona_Pug( and FB: Pinque Scrapbooking

Jessica Dougherty

my hubby & i are saving up $ to move back home to texas so we can build a home there. :)

Laura Michalec

I am trying to save money for gastric bypass surgery that I need to have done to help me save and improve my life. Our insurance does not cover it and it's sooo expensive. It's frustrating when you have so many health problems that should qualify you for it but it's not always the case.

Michelle @ One Crafty Mama

I'd love a chance to win a cool bank designed by you!! I'm saving for....two kids college tuition. :)


I'm saving money to continue my degree in Poland next year. A moneybox will be so useful!



I am saving money to buy a new car, my old car is broken, and i need this to go work.


i admire your designs, thank you for sharing us..i am saving money for our wedding and our new life!!!

Julie M.

Those are beautiful!! I would be excited and honored to win one. Crossing my fingers....

Annie Hobbs

Hi Michelle! Still love your designs and look forward to your newsletter :)
I'm saving monies for a new iMac! One can dream right? haha my macbook pro keeps getting filled up with artwork, so I an upgrade.
Thanks for this contest!

Annie Hobbs

Christine Godenzi

I just discovered your work today in a small shop in Canton, Ct. I just loved the banks and almost bought the dog and frog ones for my daughters but I had a feeling there were more and wanted to look at the whole collection! Hopefully I can win one by telling you what we are saving for: some much needed landscaping for our home. We really need to cut down trees and plant some more shrubs and we definately need a patio. Love your work and always nice to see someone making a living doing something they love!


I'm saving money to buy things for my department, and will save too for a travel to Germany

Leslie Forhan

I am saving money for Buddies Thru Bullies English Bulldog Rescue. I am really wanting to get one of your Spike clocks to donate to their cause. If you come up with a Spike bank, that would be cool too.

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