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April 08, 2010


Lelainia Lloyd

I twitted your contest!

I am saving money to buy a new couch. It's been YEARS since we had one. I wanted to salvage the one we have-I like it, the bones are good, but unfortunately, recovering it (it's cotton canvass-IKEA) costs more than buying a new one does. ($350)

Right now I have a fitted sheet over the seat cushions because they are in such sad shape. It's pretty pathetic. If I replace the couch, the our living room will have all furnature that we chose.

I vowed awhile back to purge my home of anything I did not love or choose. We had a fair amount of hand-me-down furnature and at this point in our lives, we decided that we wanted GROWNUP furnature. It's our space and we wanted it to reflect us.

Lay Hoon

Thank you so much for this great giveaway.
I'm saving money for my interest ~ art :)


Hi Michelle!
I shared your post on my Facebook page. I love your your art and that we share the same home state! I am saving $$ to go visit Tybee Island and toodle around on a fun yellow bike like Layla from http://www.theletteredcottage.net/

Have a great day!


saving money?? I can't save money - I have a dollar in my savings acct lol. I do hold some back for my copic marker fix but that is about it.

Debbie J.

Woo Hoo!!! Love, LOVE your new money banks! I'm saving money for a new lens for my camera.

Ellen Lai

I'm saving for a good sewing machine. Thanks for the great giveaway!


I am saving money for another Michelle Allen clock. I have a game room that has approx. 100 clocks. It's called "Time Out." I'm a collector of yours, but need to save up to buy another.


What fun! I'm saving for retirement... 10 years to go!


I am saving money for a "Sunny Day" I love all of your work. We recently added a party room to our home and guess what I used to decorate many spaces with??

Jackie Wimberly

I am saving money for a trip to Japan...to meet my penpal Michiyo that I've been writing to for 40 years! My dream is to meet her and give her a hug in person before I become too old!
...and I would just love...to have one of your awesome creations!

robin west

I am saving for a new kitchen countertop, i really like the one's made from recycled glass, but they are pricey! may end up with formica! Love your giveaways Michelle, thankyou for your generous spirit!
Be happy,
ps: good luck with the marathon!!!

Terri Nickelson-Williams

I have some friends who live in Germany and have given me an open invitation to visit them anytime. I'm hoping to save for a fun trip so they can take me all over Europe to see the arts of the ancients and eat delights in every place we stop!

You always have the most fun art works on your site! LOVE THEM!


Hi Michelle,

I just became a fan on Facebook, I'm already a follower and receive your newsletter and I'm going to post a button on the side bar of my blog for the give-a-way. I'm saving money to pay hospital bills. UGH! I enjoyed your posts about teaching your first classes ... well done!

marilyn grad

I am a huge fan of yours. Used to work at Chiaroscuro in Chicago and watched all your work fly out the stores. I am saving to market my art and apply to more art shows.

carol gourley

Good day Michelle by Belle:
first off I love your art and all your wears. It very nice that you give away such treasures. I have been saving all my extra pennies over the last 6 months for my daughter's wedding in August 2010. It was originally going to be in 2011, but the young loves couldn't wait until then. bye for now going to read the rest of the news letter.
carol g

Anna Maria D'Amcio

Hello Michelle,

It is so sweet of you this spring to have such a Marvelous Money Bank Goody Giveaway! I am saving up for a New Horse-yes thats right Giddy-Up! If I could save up enough in that adorable money bank it would be yee ha!!! Thanks for being so generous with all your giveaways. I have a clock of yours in every room in the house-and one just happens to be my favorite-the horse of course! I also love the wine bottle it make a great Happy Hour!

Take Care and God Bless
Anna Maria

Susan Kraft

Your banks are adorable. I'm saving for the new house we plan on building.



the banks are so much FUN!! I'm saving for a trip to the beach to celebrate my sister's 50th!!


I am saving money to move to Colorado (from Wisconsin)...a much kinder climate for my bones. I love these banks! I already receive your newsletter and am on my way to facebook. Thank you for this great giveaway!


How cute are these banks! Saving money would be such fun when plopping those coins into a frog! I just save, you never know what you might need (want)! Oh, but I am thinking of a cruise next winter!


I already receive your newsletter. That's where I found out about these quirky banks!

Debbie Supplitt

I'm saving to buy art supplies for my classroom next year.
Serving 179 students daily on a very limited classroom budget leaves me counting my pennys to buy tempera, watercolors, clay, glaze, and especially paper.
Hope you had a gas at art fest. I was hoping to attend but alas, someone needs to teach the next generation of artist.
Debbie :')


cool. love them. i will fan on facebook but i dont have twitter or a blog. thank you for the opportunity!~


LOVELY!! I'm saving to buy our first car :)

I already your fan and I'm on your news list.


I twitted your contest! @zimeillustrator

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