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April 03, 2010


Lelainia Lloyd

Michelle, that is FANTASTIC! I think it's really cool to see the progression in the piece-the painting over and layering and painting out. It would be good to always take in progress photos when you work this style. It really helps people appreciate the effort of the piece and the metamorphis of it.

I don't think it's dark. It does have his flavor, but I also see your style married into it. It's a wonderful first kick at the can. I wish I'd been able to go. I would have LOVED to take a class with him. Every time I've seen people's work from his classes, they are spectacular.

Well done artist girl!

Shelly Massey

Wowee, wow, Michelle! Really cool to see the work in progress all the way to the end. I think you did an awesome job. If Jesse's teaching next year, we'll see if I'm courageous enough. :) Hugs, Shelly


Wow! I love that last piece.


It's amazing the transformation the piece undergoes! It was beautiful at each step (and I know you're still going on it!)
: ) lulu

Deirdra Doan

It is so fun to see this process after having spent time with your final picture. I am looking forward to arting with you using these new ways to work!! Really cool!

meg duerksen

this is more what i was talking about with being intimidated. :) the hair and arms alone! but i think you did great. it's always a challenge learning new things. i love all the color in your painting.
happy easter.


LOL you are making me want to paint!!! This looks like TONS of fun!

Anne Leuck Feldhaus

Michele - I LOVE it! It's always so interesting to get inside another artist's head/process.


Hi Michelle!

I love what you let yourself do in Jesse's class. It is fun to go out of our boundaries once in awhile. That was a great class wasn't in!? I have a couple of photos of you doing the Iron Artist event on my blog-the piece you made was great! I wish I had had energy left over to go join you at the dorm party! I would have been there for sure! It was so great to meet you!

Janet Crosby

I think it is wonderful I can see you didn't just copy Jesse but let go. Yes it maybe just a little dark but what is wrong with that there is light and dark in all of us. I think it is great painting so free and your colors just pop. Thanks for the picture of the process you used interesting how art changes. One day maybe I will do a Jesse workshop.It is a dream.

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