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April 08, 2010



Michelle, This was so special to read! She looks like a joy to raise! They grow so fast don't they? My oldest will be 15 this year too. I'm gonna have to do this for her too! What a great way to expressed the unabashed mom adoration you have for your lovely girl! And way to go on the snappy skirt! Love it! God's blessings on your Lexi this year!

Mark Rosenthal

Wow, I hope I get to meet her someday! I'm trying to think if she looks more like you ro Gary, and I see both of you in her. They grow up too fast, don't they?


I like number 13 (although all of them are great). I hope that my son will let me still tuck him into bed when he's that old.


Tears......Loved the list. Make her stop growing up! That means Grace is right behind her. You are such a great mom and you and Gary should be very proud of her.


okay, I need the socks. Spill the beans. where did ya get 'em. Alexis, you are beautiful!


I have two boys (one and four) My dream is to have them still want me to tuck them in as long as they live in my home. Nothing like the goodnight smooch and last minute thoughts of the day:)

Janne Robberstad

Alexis is such a beautiful soul! Inside and out! You said it. What a great way to show how proud you are of her.
Oh, and you little sewing-devil, you! Love your embroidered flowers! The whole skirt is so funky only you could have made it! I´m proud of you, Michelle! Oh, and just to remind you: I AM adopting Alexis when she´s 18!

Janne Robberstad

Forgot to mention the lovely portraits you´ve taken. Great job!


Like mother... like daughter... beautiful... inside and out... love you both!

Carla Sonheim

You ARE blessed!

We have kids the same age! My son Wes is 14, 15 in July! (But he is my youngest...)

Amy Peters

Beautiful list....but 15 really. I can't believe it. What a lucky girl to have a mom that sees all of this in her!


Oh, I love it! And I love all your fun photos of her. I love Cup and Saucer!

Thanks for the comment on my logo...it is fairly new (about a month ago)


oh, ya, our court date is April 23rd for the adoption, and if all goes well, we may be traveling on May 5th...we will see!

Jean Williams-Von Zopf

Love the list and love her. This girl is just as cool as her mama. And yes, love the socks too!!


she is a beauty and a fab dresser! happy belated birthday to your gorgeous daughter!


SO SWEET! Michelle, you have me in tears. Such a beautiful girl, inside and out - just like her wonderful mom! And her skirt is WAY COOL!

Happy birthday month to Alexis!
xoxo lulu


I love your 15 things you love about your 15 year old! Mine will be 13 in May and I hope she will be the same sweet girl for the next 5 years that I've had for the past 13! I also think your daughters style is great - at a time when they all have to be followers it's good to see a leader :)


That is the coolest skirt. I can not believe you whipped that up at 9 PM.

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