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March 17, 2010



Love the owl.


i cannot wait to get a full report from artfest - your lucky students will have a load of fun! and thanks for the mention! :)

Karin Canazzi

I love little owlies...they remind me of my grandma because she had a big collection of owls back in the 70's. (the kind you hang on the wall, or sit on shelves or wear as necklaces...not real ones!)


O man, he is SO CUTE! :) I could see your work at one of those stands at Pike Place market one of these days, your work reminds me of that gorgeous Seattle art!


are you kidding? You will be fabulous!!! Just be yourself and you will do fine. Looking forward to hearing all the details.


Your owl really is a hoot! He is gorgeous! Anyone with slightly melancholic eyes with big eyelashes are bound to be :-)
And Artfest? You´ll not only be accepted and do great, they´ll love learning from you and working with you. You are so talented at what you do, and such a generous and beautiful person, you are bound to do great! Looking forward to ARTing with you soon! Yay!

Reenie Hanlin

You are a fantastic teacher.... and I know that firsthand. Oh... and I wouldn't say that if I didn't really think it.

Love the owl....
Have fun at artFest!

Amy Peters

Wish I could be at ArtFest with you this year. Kyra is going to be singing her heart out as the Godmother in Cinderella at the same time. Next year, I'm sure you'll be back!


Wish I could take a class with you! From what I understand Artfest is an amazing and uplifting event...I don't think you will leave feeling inadequate. I predict that you will feel inspired when it's over. Let us know.

ronda corey

I love the new direction you are going with some of your art. Your little owl looks not so wise and a little more worn out from hunting mice all night. :) He is very cute too!!!! I truly believe that anything that we put our hearts into and try is nothing more than success. Love you Michelle

Jodie Smith

Your little owl is adorable - a very Harry Potter first year baby! May I ask what you used for the eyes? Or, did you sculpt and paint those too? Fabulous.

It's funny you being nervous about your class. It's one thing getting up to speak to people about something general but when it's your passion - oh my...it simply flows out of you and when the questions start..the interaction is glorious. You will not only do just great...you are going to have fun! Enjoy the time AND the follow-up.


Ooh cute cute cute!!! Love his eyes!!
You will be WONDERFUL as a teacher Michelle!!! Dont doubt yourself! Remember you will be teaching to a group of people that are passionate and hungry to learn what you are passionate about! It'll be like a big room full of instant friends! LOL!!
When we teach on something we love, and are confident in (even if not ourselves) it shows and creates excitement. You will be fantastic!! Have a blast!!


This is adorable - I love his expression :)


I love this owl too! First thing I've seen after a long time away from your blog. So cuddly!


You are a GREAT teacher and an INSPIRATION in more ways than one... I have learned SOOOOOO MUCH from you... just be YOU and they will LOVE you too!!! Oh yes... and I LOVE LOVE your little owl... TOO CUTE!!!

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