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February 16, 2010



Let's all go picket them! It is flattering, but does that mean you are going to have to do some international shows?

Richard & Lynn

I won't buy a Knock-off. Your clocks are our #1 seller at Hour Place in Capitola, CA. The new styles are already a smash hit. I have to order more "Crabby" very soon.
www.hourplace.com/catalog and find us on Facebook too! Are you a fan yet?


Aaarrghhh!!!! So sorry, and I can imagine just disheartening. On the positive side....too cute! Love, love the purple elephant with bird on his head!!!!


Horrible and almost inevitable if you have a successful product. I had someone steal a few of my sayings last year and use them on her products. I was so enraged!! I sent a cease and desist letter and they complied. I was lucky. Sometimes there's not much you can do.... it's an awful feeling. So wrong!


It is saddening & maddening - however just be thankful that God has given you some SERIOUS gifts of GREAT talent that's brought you many-many blessings and that's something they'll never have.


I so love the pig clock! I have the perfect place for him in my studio. When and where will it become available?

wendy costa

so sorry to hear it...but honey you are the fountain of creativity and they cannot steal THAT!
really...in a strange way it's a bit of a compliment to be sooo good they want it sooo bad..just out run them and out bike them with new art and new wonderfulness..and they can never, ever steal your beautiful heart...
knockem dead with a new line for NY summer :)
we are all totally 100% behind you


What awesome support you have! When's the new catalog going to be ready?


Can you post the name of the knock off company? I would make sure that I never bought from them and that I spread the word around the industry. Something should be done!!


how do you find a retailer that carries your designs Michelle? Any in Houston?


oh, no, no, no, no! i'm so sorry to hear this. hopefully their effort will be short-lived, because a company that does business by ripping off others could never build the excellent relationships that you do with your customer base.

deborah mori

I love, love, love your blog. It's inspiring. So very sorry about the thieves. . . do know that it is a form of flattery, your artistry is amazing. Hopefully they will lose all their merchandise as it falls off the delivery truck after sliding across black ice in a bad winter storm.

I left a little ray of sunshine for you on my blog. Come and get it when you can! If you want to. : )


Give us the name, we'll all send nasty notes their way. Die hard Michelle Allen fan for life...

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