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January 26, 2010


Alison Gibbs

Have fun playing with the new camera


Hi Michelle ~ congrats on the new camera. I hope you have a fun time figuring it out! I just bought a new Canon XSI and am looking forward to testing it out! I signed up for a 13 wk online photo class (very flexible, no deadlines--which is great for me!). Have fun!


Michelle... I LOVE your new camera... I will not covet... I will not covet... but the photos you've been taking with it are absolutely gorgeous and I know you're having FUN with it... I'm look forward to seeing more of your fantastic photography posted here! Love you...


What a cool self-portrait! And texture picture is like a poem. You´re already a good photographer!

Judy Liebo

Help! My favorite clock (Time on my brain)has finally given up the ghost. No longer keeps correct time and one hand is cracked. I NEED ANOTHER ALLEN DESIGN CLOCK! The space is narrow so can't be any wider than 10-11 inches. Any more designs than what I see on Etsy? I just live in Portland so can visit your shop if need be. Thanks for the great designs.

Jackie Wood

Just got the same camera, LOVE IT!!! Took it to the Ridgefield wildlife refuge this past weekend and got some great shots.

Have fun!!!


i have camera jealousy. I'll admit it.

I'm selling my old one on friday, and saving my pennies for a new one soon! Using a friends in the mean time.

Philip Jackson

Great choice on the Canon 7D! That's a top of the line, professional quality camera. Where did you buy it? I got the same model a few months ago. Bought it at a Canon Center branch. I was lucky they had a promo and I got it with a free flash and battery grip. Turns out they are also giving away free point and shoot cameras for loyal customers. Now that's what I call customer satisfaction guaranteed. I wish all stores are like that.

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