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January 01, 2010


Cheng Dong

what does 'turn 38'mean?
does it mean 'be 38 years old'?
thank yoou!

Carolann Shaw

i could help you with #14 on your list, I make at least 3 quilts a week, can't stop sewing. I started quilting because I was painting on fabric and wondering what to do with each piece of fabric I was painting so I added more fabric and turned them into quilts.Donated almost all the painted fabric quilts to a good cause to raise money to save the lives of young girls in another country who were unfortunately being abused. Now my stash of quilts is growing for some unknown reason which may become clear to me at a later time. I will share.There is always room for one more quilt, each one unique and thoughtfully special.

Art Cant Hurt

i will be 32 in 5 days...wait...it's after midnight so make that 4 DAYS!
i think i am going to make a list leading up to 33.
if all you ladies can do it so can i!


I just turned... 49... ick... but.. I am alive. You have inspired me to make a '49 things I need to do before... 50' list. Oh where do I begin? So much of what I want is NOT here... I am stuck in the middle of Montana... and yearn for Oregon. Maybe one of my things on my list should be MOVE...
Love your blog....


I can not wait to do this! I love it!

I have included it in my weekly "Gathering Inspiration and Gratitude" post.

Thank you for inspiring me!

Sherry Williamson

I love your list & your art is both amazing & inspiring. Here's my list...


By the way, we share a birthday!

Meow Bark Art

Marilyn Girling

I absolutely love the colors in your artwork, so vivid and full of life, they inspire me! Love your list of 37 things to do, need to start my own, having the list right in front of you, in the form of a journal page, makes it easier to visualize what needs conquering. Have fun doing all 37!

Sandee Walsh

OMG Michelle, now I need to get busy, I see after your list, (wish I was on it hehehe) that there is so many things left to do. I'm planning on being in the 100s and still kicking but I need to get hurried up...(60s now), lov'en life and art.
I'd really love to be published! So many things...wonderful idea thanks for sharing


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