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January 01, 2010


meg duerksen

AWESOME!! you aren't even giving yourself a year! awesome. it helps make the year feel so accomplished...don't ya think?
i love you new list.
i got to check one thing off my list tonight! candle light dinner. it was very fun.
happy a great weekend michelle!


Your little pinky is more creative than all of me..wowsas!
I'm in awe of some of those things.
I think on my list, I need to put down that I'll make a list...lol

Reenie Hanlin

I will take care of #24 for you... and #16...all in one day!
Doll day at reenie's....


Well, well...34 and 35 right next to each other as if they are calling my name. Call me if you want a partner for these:)


*covets* Michelle, I LOVE that painting!! It's so cool!

I remembered that you did this. It inspired me and I turn 39 in March. I want to do a 40 before I'm 40, but I'm going to need a running start at it, so I might post it a few months early.

Now if only I had the talent to paint it!


oh and about giving blood-PLEASE DO! I can tell you first hand how important it is: I had a treatment done awhile back called IVIG. To make it, they take one componant out of the donated blood, which is the part that is the immunities.

It takes 3000 (yes three thousand!) donors to make a single bag (IV bag) and each bag is worth $10,000 CDN. I had three bags, which means 9000 donors touched my life.

Unfortunately this treatment was unsuccessful for me-I had an adverse reaction, but for many people with a variety of health issues, IVIG is a very important part of keeping them as healthy as possible. I can't tell you how touched I am to know 9000 people who didn't even know me spent an hour of their time so that I could get the treatment I needed.

It's so incredibly simple to save someone's life. Just roll up your sleeve! :)


That is a neat idea! Hmmm... I only have until June 16 to complete 57 things before turning 58. I'll have to think about that one!


This is an awesome idea, and your list is so creative a gorgeous.


so inspiring miss michelle;) i'm getting closer to whipping one of these up for myself. thanks for sharing and see you soon!

Brenis Thompson

Oh Michelle, you are such an inspriation! These are all totally doable things! (well the triathalon, not for most lol) Wish I lived closer! I would zoom over and help you with #3,4, 14, 15, and 36 !! I'd be happy to help with the quilt in any way that I can! Just give me a holler! :) And french braiding.. sooo easy peasy! The hardest part is learning how to hold your fingers :) Try U tubing it for a visual!! xo

Karen Jean

This is amazing! I am totally inspired to make my own list!


this is very inspiring Michelle....love the idea...might even do it myself.

I am in love with your art! You are so creative in a whimsical and funky way!

Love, violette


So loving how you did your list, may just have to copy the style! Someday I'll get to blogging... though I'd be baffled that anyone would follow :) I want to learn to french braid... but two braids, since I like two pony tails instead of one... I feel the same about braids!

Renee Khan

Guess who is going to steal some of your list because I do not have an original brain cell left. Thats right me.

Love it Michelle and the painting.

Love Renee xoxoxo


I was inspired by your list and did my own here:


long time reader, first comment. Thanks for a great year!



I love your blog. I found it through a blog through another blog some long link of link, link type thing. Gotta love that about the internet. I'm totally into your ornaments. Those snowmen are too cute. It makes me want to dig out my clay again. I haven't messed with it in ages. I have only worked with filo. I'll have to try DAS. I just wanted to say hi and gush over the coolness that is your blog. Love your 37 things. what kind of book is that?


Love your blog, especially posts showing your journal pages. What a cool idea, "things to accomplish before your next bday"! More, more, journal entries, you make my day!


i am not a resolution setter but this page might convert me! WOW! and your new banner - fab!!!


This is SO GORGEOUS!! I love all of it - the idea itself, the colours you chose, the lettering (o, how I love the lettering) and the person with the tongue hanging out.

Your banner is also a total show-stopper. I LOVE IT!!!

Carmen Torbus

FANTASTIC LIST!!! And love the creative way you illustrated them!


This is good stuff :-)


Really like how you made your great list!!

God Bless You and Yours!!!


PS. Click on my name and click the link.
Maybe that could be one of your fun things
to go with your mom or something. Just a
suggestion or take the whole family.

There is a link to a relaxing neck pillow
on my blog dated December 19, 2009.
It was easy once I figured out one of the steps. They are nice. I made about four so far. Will be making some more for people.

God Bless You and Yours!!!


PS. She doesn't have all the details for
her Pie day at her farm yet. Just a call
for apron donations.

You can read up on her past pie days if
you get a chance on Pino's blog. She has
more than one blog. Pino is her Donkey.

God Bless You and Yours!!!


Oh yikes, I am going to post one of those lists. It's all your inspirational fault.
: ) lulu

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