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December 29, 2009



Wow! First I just have to say, thank you for sharing! What an inspiring post! Now I just want t to be christmas again next month, so I can make gifts too. I did make gifts for years, but the past couple of years have been so busy. Reading your post makes me miss it so much!
And yes, I am VERY proud of you! I love your little girls. Isn´t it fun how they get so much personality with just a few lines of sown features? They are like little bohemian ballerinas.
But my all-time-favorite here is your Mom´s bird. WHAT a character!! Seriously! Does everything you touch turn to gold?!?
Hmmm. Maybe you should consider expanding the clock-world into a clocks- and ornament-world? That might be a great idea, come to think of it... I mean, with all your spare time, you need a little extra something to do, right? (ha, ha.. :-)

La Marquesita

are super heavys,i love it!!!


Very nice! I bet your Mom loved hers!


I do LOVE my ornament... LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! And still heartsick that I had your sweet swap ornament in my hands but Mo stole it from me... okay okay... I guess I shouldn't be greedy with your goodies even if I did really really want it!! Love your creations but you love you more!

Renee Khan

Love them Michelle they are all fantastic.

Love Renee xoxo


you are out of this world!!!

meg duerksen

i think you could just make ornaments all year round and it would work perfectly! you rock at it!


happy new year michelle! i've so enjoyed getting to know you and your art!


oh, they are all soooooooo adorable~! I just love what you create. It speaks to my soul in a way that most creations cannot. Your use of color and your whimsical style is so ME~! :) I'm an absolutely adoring fan of your work :) I will have to take a pic of how I've used it around my house. And, I wish you made more non-clock things because I'm starting to look like a clock finatic, LOL. Why not make more ornaments year-round??? I would use them in my every day decor frankly. *grin*

Love your new website banner too. I'm guessing the three L' are symbolic? Very kewl. I wish you many blessings for the new year~!


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