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December 02, 2009


sherry goodloe

One of my "new" favorite traditions is to make Tim Holtz' 12 tags of Christmas! Oh, and I always make a drink called "Hot Apple Pies". Here's the recipe:
2 oz Tuaca
hot apple cider
whipped cream
cinnamon stick for garnish

Pour the Tuaca in an Irish coffee glass
Fill with hot apple cider
Top with whipped cream
Garnish with a cinnamon stick

Laura Kennedy

Each holiday season we make a gingerbread house. If we have a building in mind we make the gingerbread from scratch. Sometimes we use a gingerbread house mold, and if the season is busy we resort to the storebought assembly required homes. Either way, we have a blast decorating our home with sugar and spice and everything nice...along with a major sugar buzz.

One year another neighbor family worked all day with us assembling a table size g-bread barn & tractor with a fruit roll pond and trees made of ice cream cones in a country landscape setting. We donated it to the preschool for the kids to pick and drool on. That home was destroyed in 2 hours by little ones.

Becky Brown

My husband and I have a tradition each year to give each other a heart ornament for our tree. It is so fun to put up the ornaments, which consist almost entirely of hearts, and reminisce about Christmases past.


I wish you have wonderful holidays!
In Greece we have a new year's eve custom, where we bake (or buy) a special cake. It's nothing like the normal cakes, more like a very sweet bread, but what makes it special is it has a coin in it (usually golden and fake, but if you bake it yourself you use real money, cleaned and wrapped in foil). Then, when it is 2 minutes to midnight Dec the 31th, we gather all together but leave one person outside of the home's door with some rice in his/her hand. Come new year, after all the kissing and wishing, we open the door to welcome our first "visitor" of the year. The "visitor" enters the house with his/her right foot first and then goes to each and every room throwing rice in it and wishing well for the new year. In the end we cut the new year's cake, and give everyone a piece. The one who finds the coin will have a very lucky year! Btw rice symbolizes prosperity and affluence and we also throw it on couples at their weddings!
Make sure you have some rice this christmas :)


Well, I'll try to explain it... In Catalonia is traditional on Christmas the Caga Tió.
Children give food to the Tió during december and on Cristmas eve they have to heat the stick on the fireplace or at the radiator.While they warm the stick, adults put some sweats and little presents under the blanket that covers the TIÓ.
Then, they begin to hit the Tió, while singing the tió song. When they look under the blanket they see the sweets.You can do it 2 o 3 times.
When the tió is empty, and can't shit any more,under the blanket children will see toilet paper. Tió is, literally, shitting the sweets.Oh the Tió is a trunk!

Well, nowadays Tió shit toys too... I CAtalonia is not traditional Santa but the Three Kings. And in a lot of houses prefer children have their toys on Christmas because they have more time to enjoy them before going to school (The Three Kings are celebrated in 6th January Eve and on 7th they go to school).

Hugs and Kisses and Merry Christmas!


I'm your fan on Facebook! (Montse Gensana)
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Happy suscriber!

cal_rubies at yahoo dot es

deborrah k stephens

i really like your artwork - the colors and whimsical characters! wish i was as clever. christmas traditions for us are making cookies for neighbors and favorite people. also we still go christmas caroling.


Nothing special. I love to decorate the Christmas tree ... and this year for the first time I have done with my son... this has made special!!!! :)
I did everything, link, fan on fb, newsletter... now I just have to cross my fingers....

Ingrid Montaignac

Ces petits objets semblent tout droit sortis des dessins de ma fille qui a 8 ans et qui a déjà un grand sens artistique et une imagination débordante. Si je gagnais un de ces objets, je le lui offrirai !
Joyeuses Fêtes à tous !!!


My favorite traditions is christmas .
Your works are wonderful and very creative.
Another Amazing Giveaway!

jean hood

added, posted! Love your designs!! Coming to the holiday sale!!

Roxanne Cartwright

For the last 18 years we have had a personal visit from Santa with bells on! He always knows something personal about the kids to make beliefs even stronger. He chooses an adult each year to come up and sit on his lap - and I can still hear the adults howling! Believe!!


We have a special breakfast on Christmas morning complete with Mimosas! It is something I've always really enjoyed! (We did it in my house growing up, too!)


I am a Facebook Fan
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I love these!

Stephanie D'Amico

This is like a little Christmas Cheer! I love entering these contests-each time I get an e-mail from Michelle, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy to think that I have yet another chance to win such beautiful, funky and fun art!!! Thanks Michelle-your work is the gift that keeps on giving!!!

Stephanie D'Amico

This is great! My brother and I-ever since we have been little have always gotten super excited with the first snow fall. We would always take our socks and shoes off, cuff up our pants and run like mad in the freezing snow-we would take at least 2 laps around the house, and come back in and bounce up and down until we got warm. Now that we are in our 30's, we will get together at my mom's house, bring shorts-and you guessed-no shoes, no socks-no worries-and away we go! Nothing like some frosty toes to melt your heart! :)


One of our traditions is eating from special Christmas dishes in December!

Teri Leigh

We have a tradition of the whole family wearing matching jammies on Christmas. It is the one package they get to open on Christmas eve. There are seven of us now and it is a hoot to see us all matching.
PS I put a plug on my blog for you.

Desiree Coscia

My mom and I make pizzelles literally all day on christmas eve. After they have cooled we place them in beautiful christmas tins with ribbon and give them to all our friends and family on christmas day.


We don't fill our stockings until New Year's Eve since poor Santa was too busy one year and had to come back. It was such a hit to have more presents a week later that we've done it ever since.


I posted



One of my favorite traditions is our elf Pickles that shows up when the tree goes up. He is here to keep a close eye on the kiddos. He also brings a special gift that gets to be opened on Christmas Eve...so far it's always been jammies. Imagine that?!?


Saw this from Gis! Thought I might try too..

During xmas season (particularly on the 24th), most people usually have dinner and then go to sleep after. In my country, we go to church on the 24th, then have dinner like around 10pm (pretty much grazing the entire night) and wait for 12midnight then we get to open gifts! We do not wait till the next day. We're way too excited for that! Then on the day of the 25th, another festivities with food! Geez! We are obviously big on foods!! HAha

angie at junkgardengirl

Now these are my kind of Christmas decorations. I love funky colorful whimsical holiday items. We've had many traditions over the years. My girls are now teenagers but one tradition that we have kept to this day is we watch A Christmas Story (Ralphie!!) every single year BUT we can't watch it until Christmas Eve. Even if my girls are at someone else's home and they turn on Ralphie they will squeal "No, we can't watch that until Christmas Eve!" LOL. So this is one tradition that has stuck.

I also plan to post about your great giveaway on my blog tomorrow! I LOVE YOUR STUFF!

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