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December 02, 2009



OMG Another Amazing Giveaway! I´ll cross my fingers and know on wood! There´s a lot of it in Norway!!!


Posted!!! :D :*


those are so cute! one of my favorite traditions is to make christmas countdowns and hang them on our bedroom doors. we've done it for years and they're always so cute! i'm a fan of facebook and i get your newsletter. i will post it on my blog this week.


oh how i would LOVE to win one of these wonderful treasures! facebook alerted me about this, but i would have checked your blog anyway(i check about three times a day:>) we do several things that my kids look forward to every year, 1. driving around to see christmas lights...in pajamas 2. the daily countdown candy filled house, they open a door everyday and get a little treat 3. driving around again to look at christmas lights in pajamas. Not very exciting or different, but they love them every year. Hope you have a calm, relaxing month of december...haha...i won't be having one either...but i will be sending peaceful thoughts your way!


Yay! We started a new tradition last year with my husbands side of the family - we made all of the gifts! It was one of the best Christmas exchanges we've had and the kids were much more excited about the giving. Our friends are following our example and doing the same this year.

Mary Carmen San Vicente

I hope I can participate too although I live so far away (in Mexico) I'm crossing my fingers!
I organize a game for Christmas with all family, and children love it: You gave each member of the family 10 tickets (I printed them), the thing is nobody can say the word "NO" for about 2 hours. It's incredible how difficult is not to say NO. Of course, you may make others failed asking something like: Is there apple soda? (knowing there is not) to made other answer: NO and you take one ticket. The more tickets gathered is the winner (I hope you understand my english!)

robin west

We have a big Christmas eve party every year, a tradition my father started when we moved away from family and realized alot of neighbors also had no family nearby. Lots of food,merriment and kids. I have kept this going wherever I have lived and each year we play a xmas game, last year everyone got a kazoo and had to play an assigned xmas song for all to guess, hilarious and not so easy. This year will be pictionary using xmas song lines, it's alot of fun and of course there are prizes for the winner!


Oh, your skier is so cute! Like everything else you make :-)
One of the older traditions in Norway is to eat rice-porrege for lunch on Christmas eve, with an almond in one of the plates. Whoever gets the almond wins a small prize. Like a marzipan-pig :-)
I posted your giveaway on Facebook, and will do the same on my blog tomorrow.

Meaghan (bonafyde)

I'm already a subscriber so count me in that way too! ;)

First let me say thanks for offering such an amazingly generous giveaway and I of course would love to win... mainly because I'm quite taken with your daughter's holiday card! I love snowmen, I love turquoise type blues, and the fact that a child artist painted it makes it even more enduring and totally frame-able!

Ok, so on to traditions...I have quite a few that I love such as trimming the tree, gifting new Pj's on Christmas Eve to the kiddies, holiday baking, holiday crafting and my newest favorite.... unwrapping a New Christmas book each night before Christmas....so much fun and sooooo looked forward to by the kids! I started this last year with a basket of books the kids already owned and a few new ones but this year will be even more awesome because I made sure to take advantage of all the sales on such books after Christmas last year. So I have all new books this year! HTH :)

nancy cassidy

A contest with a jackpot prize! Your stuff is great for the holidays: so colorful and happy. Did I tell you I have 9 of your clocks? Keep it going....the world needs more fun and happy reasons to smile! = )


So cute!! I love that snowman!

We are creating new traditions on our new adventure! Shhh, don't tell anyone but we all are getting snowshoes from Santa and I hope one of our new traditions will be doing a little snowshoeing on Christmas day.

The boys and I also love to bake and give away plates of goodies.

Debbie J.

We have a prize for the most creatively wrapped gift card. We've had gift cards "wrapped" in fish bowls, gingerbread houses, jello, snow globes and even CONCRETE molded into a gift box! The kids (older now) have gotten so creative and have soooo much fun with it!

Lisa Kandes

Well, I usually spend Christmas alone because both of my boys are in the military and we are never in the same State...so I really don't have any new traditions to add....I've already signed up to be a fan on Facebook...and I've already signed up for your newsletter so my only hope of winning at this point is to post this on my Facebook page...Hope that is ok! That is what I am going to do....I don't have an official blog either!! Sorry! I am one of your biggest fans if that helps!! I wrote you an e-mail a while back telling you that I swore I wasn't "stalking" you....LOL....so I guess a posting on FB it is...Thanks Michelle! You already know I LOVE your stuff!! ;-D


Okay, Michelle. There is a link on my blog; I already follow, but I don't Facebook! Sorry! Great prizes - hope I win!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

Hot chocolate while we decorate the tree.


a new tradition in our house is to burn a red candle in the window on Christmas Eve. it's meant to symbolize that our house is a safe haven for those traveling alone, much like the haven that Mary and Joseph found in the stable.


no traditions here, just glad to actually get through the holidays without incident

Terri Williams

Your products are amazing! I love the whimsy and the creativity. Going now to post the photo on my blog and a link to this site!

Terri Williams

Put it on my blog at:
tried to do the facebook share thing but it didn't seem to work. Will try again later.

Mary Haas

I just put out my Christmas decorations and the ones of your's that I received as gifts are absolutlely my favorites!


Santa always brings the family a board game to play. It's the first gift that is opened on Christmas morning and gives us something to look forward to in the evening after the Christmas fanfare is over. I'm 38 and we still follow this tradition. Santa also puts a few scratch off lottery tickets in our stockings. It's always exciting to find out if you've got a "winning ticket".

Kirscha Gray

Yippy Skippy.... Another Goodie Giveaway. I MUST BE ONE OF YOUR BIGGEST FANS!!!!! You are by far and away my FAVORITE ARTIST. Just got your catalog and I pretty much already have EVERYTHING!!!...but I don't have these Christmas Goodies!!! I am already signed up to receive your newsletter and am also already a fan on facebook...... and as far as a holiday tradition.... My husband is an airline pilot needless to say is ALWAYS working on Christmas... so each year.... our tradition is for me to travel with him wherever his schedule brings him. We always get put up in a GREAT Hotel and can always find a cozy coffee spot to spend our Christmas snuggled up together. It's exciting to see where each Christmas will take us. Seattle has been my favorite on Christmas...(being from Arizona......it is too warm here to ever feel like the holidays anyway) Happy Holidays &... PICK ME.....PICK ME...PICK ME... :)

Lisa Gallup

I think my fave traditon is the annual buying of the PJ pants each December. ;)

Steve DeHaart

One of our holiday traditions is to count down the days till Christmas with an Advent Calendar. And another tradition is we warn our boys that if they're bad before Christmas, Santa might only leave them socks and underwear. That's how we keep things in line till Christmas Day. BOOYA!


Our Christmas tradition growing up was a huge crab feed on Christmas eve..so far I have not been able to carry this out with my new family but I am hoping to restart this tradition this year. I think I have convinced my husband this is a good thing.

Mary Beth Baudendistel

Every year, my husband and daughter take bets on how many "light fits" I will have and how many sets of lights end up thrown out the front door. Other than that, we are all pretty traditional. Merry Christmas.

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