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October 22, 2009



your photos are stunning and i'm so excited to see how much you've already documented! what a gift of a trip - good for you seizing the opportunity! can't wait to see more...

Gary Allen

Love the pics! can't wait to see more and hear all the stories:)


ummmmmazing! what a fantastic trip!


You are capturing the beauty of Norway with your photos... quaint... charming... and 900 years old!! Wow!!! I'm so glad you're getting to meet some other artists too... how inspiring. Can hardly wait to see what fun things you create while you're there!

Is Norway on my list of places to go? Probably not but I love being able to go there through your eyes!! Thanks! Love you!!

lori vliegen

wow.....what a beautiful corner of the world!! thanks for sharing all of the fabulous photos....have fun!!! :)


Looks absolutely stunning!!!!! Looks also relaxing and laid back. Can't wait to hear about it!

Renee Khan

Have the most awesome time Michelle.


Katie Boyle

OMgosh! These photos are amazing in everyway! All the textures and colors of the buildings are beautiful! Have so much fun!


So awesome! Was get off the continent on your new 37 things list? Cause then you can mark it off already!


Oh, What a Wonderful Gift Your Husband has given you!!

I'd like to go to Sweden and Austria.
Family in Sweden and my grgma came here
from Vienna.

Norway looks like a beautiful place to
visit too.

I also would like to visit a place that I do not know where it is but I have a B&W photograph of it and the buildings are from someplace in the world. I hope to find out where this place is.

Enjoy your trip!!

God Bless You and Yours!!!


you are one LUCKY gal!!! Keep posting pictures for us folks who've never been to Norway... And yes, it's on my list to visit one day! xo

Teri Leigh

You are always full of suprises. I hope your trip is great and you come back with a travel journal filled with lovely pages.

Sonya Paz

Hey Michelle - My pal Renee who was with me at artfest is ALSO in Norway right now!

Have fun and have a blast - eat lots of black salty licorice!

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