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October 26, 2009



breakfast is my favorite meal in norway xD
we have bread, cheese, sliced boiled egg, orange juice and tea and well meat stuff for meat eaters :P xD hahha

and the names!! My bf is Ole, his mum is Wenche and his best friend Bengt xD xD xD

la marquesita


Gary Allen

Your dad would have loved the boat part, fishing must be good. Breakfast looks a lot like Italy.


your art piece is beautiful! and thanks too for the wonderful boat house photo. I love the waves too.

lori vliegen

i just love your artwork....so cute and colorful, i can hardly stand it!! and it looks like you're having a great time......your photos look like postcards!! :)


I llllLOVE the first picture on this post! I emailed you...I'm desperately trying to get my registration complete for the artfest 2010....I didn't know registration was this early.*yikes* I have to come!!! xo


Hi Michelle! we eat that cheese all the time!!!! you have to watch for it, but they get it in periodically at Freddie's (who'd a thunk?)- and our family loves it! Also a prefect dessert with Northwest apples and pears! It's called gietost...I think I spelled it right! love, Barbi


but i didn't spell 'perfect' correctly... oh, well... :) Barbi


love being a part of your virtual vacation. thanks for taking the time to share your artful adventures:)

Steve DeHaart

The breakfast reminds me of Holland. Very similar in several way. Glad to hear you're having a good time!

Lynette Racanelli

What great memories you will always have. You will have to take the family one day.

Renee Khan

Love the art you have made.

Now think of it. You are in NORWAY.

Love Renee xoxo

Amy Lee

looks like a wonderful time. i love the lil boat houses! and those waves... powerful!

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