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September 28, 2009



Awesome. Love the acorns! Next time, try an ice cream scoop for the batter. Learned that from Martha!


Well, aren´t you just the most creative ever! I checked out the cupcakes from earlier years too. They are all gorgeous! These look slightly toxic, though... but maybe that´s the point, with Halloween coming up :-)
Totally your favorite color, your hairband matches your baking! :-D

Cristi Clothier

Those look delicious!

Gary Allen

Glad I am allergic to chocolate:)


They look GREAT!!! Good thing I wasn't in the neighborhood.........I probably couldn't have kept myself away from the caramels!


Shel- One thing that I have noticed as I get older is that creating food is an art form. You are so great at lending your talents to whatever it is you are creating. Way to go. You totally rock!

meg duerksen

i love the acorns...talby would love to help me make that!


Those look fabulous!!


Not only were the cupcakes GORGEOUS but they were truly YUMMMMMYYYY!!! thanks for sharing.

But what I love the most is how you and your girls bake together... you're such a great mom!

Renee Khan

Those look deliciious. I am pretty sure I would have eaten all the carmels before I could make anything of them.

Renee xoxo


love the choice of that pretty turquoise color - I would never think of that normally ... but oh-so-pretty!

Teri Leigh

I want to know who eats all these lovelies? They are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

michelle allen

well... i ate 4 of them in about 3 hours time! ugh! :)


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On Oct 1, 2009, at 8:15 AM, typepad@sixapart.com wrote:


I hadn't seen yours ! I looooove the acorns, such a great idea !! My other daughter has her birthday coming soon ... hmmm that could be an idea ... with green toping to have a little change ;-) ?


Thank you for posting these! My son is in love with all things squirrel, and of course wants a squirrel birthday cake. And to take to his classmates, he requested cupcakes with candy acorns on top. Without much hope, I googled acorn cupcakes, and glory-be, yours popped up. (One other one did, with peanut butter balls as the base, but we can't bring peanut butter to school.) We just finished making the acorns. The kids loved the entire process, and they look adorable. I made extra to garnish the birthday cake. Perfect.


Awesome cupcake ideas, these make a fantastic alternative to orange cupcakes for Autumn and as such have been included in our 25 fabulous fall cupcake feature at http://partycupcakeideas.com/25-fabulous-autumn-fall-cupcakes/

Beth D.

I just love that they are blue!


wow. You are making wonderful cupcakes. I can feel that you're making this as a bonding moment.Buy Cakes

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