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September 30, 2009


Ellen Lai

Pretty and neat houses! I have just subscribed to your newsletter!


These treasure boxes are adorable! My biggest treasures... my children and grandchildren, of course!


These are just so adorable. I'm blogging about this right now!


Some of my treasures are things that have been passed down to me by my grandparents. Such as a wonderful warm quilt made by my paternal grandma and my maternal grandma's mixing bowls and recipes. I use all of the items daily and they help keep me grounded.

Lille Diane

My family is my treasure. Thank you! Beautiful work!


These are so cute! Biggest or most favorite treasure? This is so hard. If it's biggest, I have an antiqued copper dividing screen with all kinds of leaves and roses on it that I LOVE. There there are all my tea-for-ones that I have all over the house....some jewelry, some notecards, some tatting, some painting....
:-) Gina

Anne Meyer

I was sent to your blog from Darlene Bond.

One of my most precious memories are the little footprints left on one's heart by children. For me, that would include my daughter and several nieces and nephews. Children are a priceless treasure indeed.

Stephanie G

My biggest treasures are my family and friends!

Stephanie G

I'm a fan on facebook (Stephanie Petty-Grant)


┬┤lene at embracethechaos.blogspot.com sent me over to see your site.

Stephanie G

I subscrbe to your newsletter


My greatest treasures are my family, friends, home, Jesus, and all my books!!

Please enter me!!

I love your blog.



Hello, What delightful treasure boxes! I often think about what would be the treasures that couldn't be replaced if we were to lose our home.
Of course, my husband, our two sons, me and our pets. We also have a lock box that has all of our birth certificates, baby videos of each of our sons,
college diplomas and very old family pictures.
Many thanks, Cindi


I am a fan of your Facebook Page!
Thanks for the opportunity to win
this adorable handmade treasure box.


Also, I am an email subscriber to your blog!
Again, many thanks.....Cindi

Shari Sherman

Hi Michelle, these treasure boxes are so cute! My biggest treasures are my family, my studio time, and the seashells that I've collected over the years!

Shari Sherman

I blogged!

Lavender Dreams

Some of my treasures include my dolls. I love all kinds and have started collecting Raggedy Ann. I love pretty things...of all kinds! Love your art!


My greatest treasures are definitely my two girls. Next to them, my husband.
This is the first time that I've seen your blogsite (thanks to Melanie's Whimsical Creations, & your fun giveaway!)
Your artwork is truly inspiring. I really enjoy decorating my home with lots of cheer...I'll have to put this in my favs.


OK, I love your new treasure keepers! I just linked you to my blog http://houseinsideout.blogspot.com

I'd say my biggest treasure is my brain!


My biggest is my children and grand children


I treasure all that I have. Life is too short not to.


Oh, these are just too cute!!

My biggest treasures...hmmmmm...of course my husband, our cat and dog, the rest of my family and my many friends. But also some dear items I have of my mother's who passed away a long time ago.

Thanks for this generous giveaway!

:) Silke

Dianna Snyder

I love your art!!! It always puts a smile on my face.



My first and foremost precious treasure is my relationship with Jesus. Without Him, I wouldn't have my earthly treasures like my Husband, Children, and Family. My material treasures are all the handmade gifts, cards, and poems that my kids made for me when they were small.

I just love your work and the treasure boxes are so darling!

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