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September 30, 2009



That's wonderful! It's very beautifull this things....




I have some Madame Alexander international dolls which my mom gave me over the years as a child. I love them so much!


I signed up for your newsletter.


I'm also a facebook fan now! :)


wow! artsy artsy! I just stumbled upon you and your cool artsi-ness-y-I am now inspired!
I'll blog about you asap (and as soon as I borrow that great picture!) I must go read your bio now! my humble blog www.sweetsassystudio.blogspot.com would love to share this great giveaway!


Family is my most precious treasure! No matter how much money I have, it would mean nothing without them!

I've done all the necessaries to win one of the houses! Now all I have to do is cross my fingers!

Melissa N.

My biggest treasure are my photos - I have a lot of them saved on our harddrives, but I still have to transfew our prints to it next.

Debra Johnson

Okay - I'm doing both - Facebook AND leaving a note - hehee!!
My greatest treasures are truly things I cannot place in a box...though, I surely hope that I win one of your wonderful boxes and can place it in my crazy warehouse for everyone to see!!
My dearest treasures are the friends and family in my life the Lord has blessed me with. Might sounds trite...but it is none the less true:) We lost my 15 year old niece to an accident a few years ago - and after going through that pain we've looked at life completely differently. We hold onto the LOVE in our life above all things....
I hope whomever you choose cherishes your precious gift....they are simply wonderfully whimsical!


oh, they are so cute! :D

My treasures are: books collected during my childhood and teenage years - my boxcar children, agatha christie's, james patterson's and amy tan's.
many of my favourites were read several times :)


Hi Michelle~ I love those boxes! My greatest treasures are my family and friends, my photos and the scrapbooks I've made with so many memories, and my laptop...because that's where tons of my online friends live!

And..I already subscribe to the newsletter. Thank you for the chance to win!

Lindy Gruger Hanson

My family and friends are my biggest treasure! I love them so much!

Michelle Torres

These are soooo sweet!!!! My treasures are as follows, Jesus #1 then my beautiful 4 daughters, and my Handsome Husband is for sure My special TREASURE!!!!! Thanks for the Giveaway!!!


My biggest treasure is, of course, my family.

But the treasure I would use one of your boxes for is my Dad's classring from high school.


I have shared some bloggy love.


I am a facebook friend.


I also get your newsletter.


My greatest treasures are a curl from my little boy's first hair cut and coins that I have collected from my travels.


I don't know how I found your fab blog today, but OH MY!!! Love these precious little morsels...love this blog that I will have to mark this as a 'daily'

I keep fortune cookies fortunes and some have really come true in the most unexpected way. How cool would it be to put the most special ones in one of these lovlies...or a tiny note of love to my beloved..........or to one of my children..sigh.

Very cool, indeed..and generous.
xo Relle

Cheryl F. (The Lucky Ladybug)

My biggest treasures are angel, miniature schnauzer, maneki neko, and ladybug collectibles :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

Cheryl F. (The Lucky Ladybug)

Facebook fan

Cheryl F. (The Lucky Ladybug)

1 - Blogged - http://theluckyladybug.org/2009/10/1009-allen-designs-goody-giveaway/

(My Facebook link for the previous entry is http://www.facebook.com/friends/?id=702500679&view=everyone#/friends/?filter=oc . I didn't realize your comment system doesn't accept HTML.)


My relationship with God, my genealogy,my husband and my children are my biggest treasures at this time... and then all my craft supplies :D and my books.


Very fun and cute treasure boxes! I love to collect stuff and these definitely appeal to me.

My treasure: have to be my books!

I've blogged about your giveaway on my blog


Thanks, and hope I'm lucky.


My greatest treasure is my 2 1/2 y.o. son, but I also treasure photographs and tatting time!

Please enter me in your giveaway. The treasure boxes are so adorable!


How cute are these! Pleas sign me up. Thank you.

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