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September 30, 2009



Other than my family and friends, my biggest treasures are my photos. I have a whole trunk of them that bring me back to all kinds of special memories.


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biggest treasures...my kids giggles...i wish i could put those in this treasure box.
biggest material treasure...earrings and a small jewelry box i brought my grandma from spain which I inherited when she passed away.

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Kimberly Kelly Santini

My greatest treasures are my memories, those times I"ve personally experienced along with the stories that older family members have shared about their own lives. I also cherish my great grandmother's recipe box, which also includes newspaper clippings and other small ephemera from three generations of my side of the family.


My biggest treasure is my husband and boys. I know that seems like a given but before I met my husband I did not want to have a so called family life. The career I had chosen had no room for family or family related commitments. When I met my husband all of that changed and I knew I wanted a family with him. Ten years later we have four healthy beautiful boys with a long list of commitments, issues and oppotunities. I am so grateful to have met my husband, because otherwise I would not have the wonderful family that I do. And I also gave up my career to be a stay at home mom, and have never regretted a minute of it.

Estela Marcos

I agree with most of people. My treasures are my daugther and the baby that will born into a week (I hope so).

But beside family, my treaseures are instants (like the name of my blog). And not all of them are taken into a picture, some of them are only into my eyes, in my memory, and these ones are the best.

(I hope I have transmitted the idea in English, it's quite difficult!)


treasures.....my family, my heart, my love from a savior, my wedding ring, my urn that holds love never realized, my true friends, my time, my bed, my favorite wallet and my dog.


So happy I stumbled upon your blog! I treasure my family and close friends, my little ramshackle of a home, and the precious memories I make on a daily basis with the people that pass in & out of my life. Love those cute little houses! Have done all of the above to enter. Take care and have a lovely weekend.

Mary Boyer

My treasures are mementos of my mom - her white gloves, rosary, prayer book, pearl earrings, engagement ring, and charm bracelet of silouttes (boy/girl) with my and my three sisters' and one brother's birthdates engraved on them. All these are tucked into a small jewelry box with some snapshots of her taken throughout her life. She has been gone seven years now and will forever live in my heart, I love having these things of hers that were so close to hers.

Melanie @ Whimsical Creations

My biggest treasures are my family & kitties. My second biggest are all my photos.

Melanie @ Whimsical Creations

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Melanie @ Whimsical Creations

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How cute! I love them:)

I treasure all the wonderful artwork I've bought or been given. I treasure my child the most though:)


My biggest treasures are my wedding set and some photos that my grandmother gave to me!


I am a fan on Facebook!

Christine Phelps

I treasure the little things in life - the things that make me stop and say WOW! Just the other day my son and I saw an amazing rainbow - the most amazing part of this rainbow was that as we drove I found where the rainbow began - it burst out of a large lake and was amazing how the colors danced across the water. It was a treasure to see this and also to share the sight with my son - those are special moments I keep in my heart!


the first treasure that poped into my head was my children...but as far as stuff..I treasure my sewing machine..(as I found out this week when I had to part with it to get repaired!) I love this giveaway! thanks for the chance!
anne molino at hotmail dot com


I am a facebook fan!


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Besides the obvious treasures of family, my husband's grandmother gave me all the family photos dating back to around 1900. I put them all in several albums. And a quilt that her mother made that we still use because it's so cozy. And probably my journals.

You probably know I'm already a FB fan :D and I get your newsletter. I also blogged it.


So I mentioned biking Europe to my husband. That has always been one of our goals or dreams or whatever you want to call it, too. It's now on his 45 before 45 list. He's 40 now so we'll have to see when that happens. :D


I feel so vapid because "family" did not immediately spring to mind. Probably because I consider them such a part of myself. :) My biggest material treasure is the wonderful circus wagon my Grandpa made for me when I was 3 years old. I still remember the day I got it and how thrilled I was. It is green with gold lettering (my initials) and red wheels lined with brass, and it has a shelf off one end for your stuff. He also painted the undercarriage with an abstract design of black and yellow.


So cute! My kids have to be my favorite things, well most days anyway. I laughed when I saw your blog header, my mom calls me that too. What a fun blog you have! oh,and I am having a giveaway right now too, come over and enter!


i just posted about the giveaway on my blog along with my new journal page!


These are so cute!
As emma said before me - my treasures are my family and pets :)

Julie Fillo

my babies, my grandbabies,my dogs, my art. i would love to win a cute house!

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