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September 30, 2009


Dee Dee

Okay everyone knows our families are our best treasure. That said, I do really treasure alone time AT HOME. WITHOUT them. I am admitting it here, late at night, but it's true! And it so rarely occurs, that is why it is a treasure. :)


of course my number one treasure is my family, but honestly sometimes they drive me nuts!

my favorite items that I treasure happens to be (and no I'm not brown nosing!) my Allen Design pieces. I have the jester clock and candle sticks and the party bird (which by the way needs more holiday pieces to hold, say a flag, a pumpkin, a christmas tree.....!!)

I love an Allen Designs Giveaway!!


okay, it's blogged!

and i've always been a fan on facebook!


I have THE perfect place for one of these adorable treasure boxes!! Thanks for the great giveaway...

Chrissie Grace

My biggest treasures (Other than my family and friends and other loved ones) are photographs. My kids have been going through all their books and we all love to reminisce so much!


shared some allen designs love at amuse-bouche this morning!!


My treasures are my kids! And I already have my box picked out ;)...going to fan you on facebook right now!

Cheryl O'Dell

My greatest treasures are my children and grandkids. Wonderful friends and happy people and laughter. Children and adults who haven't lost there child like side and see the world thru there eyes.


Hi Michelle,

I don't facebook :(, but I already get your newsletter and I've put a link to your giveaway on my blog. The treasure boxes are a real delight. Such wonderful colors. Treasures (other than family), some pieces of jewelry, photos, rocks (!!!), shells, and on and on! I'm sure I'd put one of your treasure boxes to good use!

Jennifer H

Having us post about your giveaway really does work! I would have never heard about you and your giveaway if I hadn't read it somewhere! Where, you ask? I can't remember. But they gave you some great promotioning!

My favorite treasures are colors. I love bright colors and happy combinations. I even day dream about awesome color combinations when I'm driving. Paint chips are my friends!

If I win a box, I'm keeping it on the kitchen counter for my son's retainer when he's eating! Bet no one ever said that to you, did they? It's way more colorful and cute than the blue plastic box he uses now.

Lisa Gallup

My greatest treasures in the world are my children. :)

Teri Leigh

Put my name in the pot, I would love to choose one of these houses to put my Brighton jewelry in.


My number one treasure is my family and number two a silver bracelet that my late father bought to me the day I was born.
I became your fan in facebook and I´ll promote your giveaway in my blog.
Hugs & kisses

Laura Kennedy

My biggest treasure is a quilt I inherited that my mother's Granny Great made for her back in the 1930's. Cut and pieced together by hand using pieces of old material from shirts and dresses given to her by friends and family, and made during the great depression smack dab in the middle of the dreary midwestern dust bowl. Granny Great found a way to brighten and life the spirit of a young girl then, and years later this worn quilt warms my heart and soul.

Renee Khan

Talk about gorgeous.

Biggest treasures besides family. Ummmmhhhhh, that is a hard one.

Okay, it has to be memories.

Love Renee xoxo

Cynthia Wolinski

I often buy your art for gifts to others, I have posted your site on my profile and would love a little something something for myself:) so glad to see your art here in chitown!!

Debbie J.

Photos of my family and friends are my biggest treasures!


My biggest treasures are my two girls.
Other material treasures include family rings and letters.
These boxes are beautiful-


Hi Michelle! my biggest treasure is probably my relationship with God--- he gets me through all the hard times, and blesses me with all my other treasures- family, home, friends, and life itself.(sometimes I have to remind myself that this last item is a treasure, when the world twirls a little too fast for me...it was fun having our tootsies warmed the other night and letting it all slow down) we really live in such a beautiful place, and that is a treasure, too. I've always collected little boxes, so they themselves are treasures- and as far as what's inside of them? ssssh! It's a secret!

Meaghan (bonafyde)

I'm already a fan :) and I get the newsletter!

That being said my biggest treasures our my family, my hands and mind for without them how would I create? I also have tangible, material treasures such as all my art supplies that I love to look at and touch. All my books on various subjects but notable my art/craft/creativity tomes. The stone that my Father and I found on our adventure walks together as a child that has a natural hole through it that my Dad fashioned into a pendant for me and that I now keep by my bedside. (I swear that it has healing/calming/centering powers for me during times of extreme duress and anxiety) My box of Love letters that my Grandma & Grandpa wrote to one another during their courtship during the WW3. My Jewelry from DH and my Mother. And lastly my love, my MAC's as in laptop computer and makeup collection.

Gorgeous treasure boxes and I would love to win one!


Hello dear! I am already a Facebook-fan and I already subscribe to your news-letter (you can send more of them!). But I did promote your give-away to 600-something of my closest Facebook-friends :-)
One of my biggest treasures is my education. At a point in my life when a lot was at stake, and I stood a chance of loosing a lot of things I had taken for granted, I thought that, well, at least nobody can take THAT away from me. My knowledge, my know-how, my wisdom, my experience, my memories, my talents. You can loose your house and your car, but knowledge sticks with you. So I think that is the very best thing to invest money in: a good education!
Oh, and by the way: I am so glad you decided to make these boxes! They are all just adorable! Every kitchen should have a collection!


I'm already a fan....the others I will try and get to.

Cuz I want to win a house......

Lisa Klow

Some of my treasures are journaling drawings I have done. I got two fireproof safes to keep them in. Will post a link on my blog, too.

wendy costa

i love your work ahhh!

ok a treasure to me would be my kitty cat..
always there when i come home and with unconditional love...my friends and family
and my ART! my art never lets me down...
always makes me feel great!


ooh these are so cute!
some of my treasures are my family, friends, horses, dance, my dog and of course Jesus!!!

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