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September 17, 2009



DANG!!! Seriously.... I am not even ever going to attempt that, although I know you have to be feeling extra accomplished at this time!!! Well done!!!
Hubby's big grins are hilarious, love it!!!!

Amanda Lipnack

Congratulations! I am putting together my own 36 before 37 list (I have 5 more months than you -- 3/16 here!) but a century is on my list -- congratulations - that's a fantastic accomplishment.


Congratulations, Michelle!!! Whew! I have no clue how you actually rode 100 miles! We used to ride bikes in Jamestown on the Colonial Parkway...I could barely make it. But I love looking back at the pictures proving I did try!


YES! I am SO proud of you! Congratulations! You're seriously my hero.

I have never done more than 30. And my husband hasn't done a century in a couple years. Maybe we'll use you as motivation to do one this next year. Maybe not together. I *do* get cranky and I might do the "bike in the ditch" thing you had talked about in an earlier post. :P

Wanna hear "nuts"? Hubby and his father would sometimes do 5 centuries in a row M-F traveling on their bikes with panniers and such. How do you make yourself get up the next morning and do it again? :D They were several years younger then, tho. LOL


soooo AWESOME!!


Yay, you did it! Never underestimate the power of a Baby Ruth! Great story in pictures.


YEEEEEHAAWWWWWWW! Congratulations!

Katy G

wowza!!! you are amazing and inspiring! great job! I love the pics of you and Gary!-you guys are so cute! :)

motivation to keep rollin on my "27 things" list...


Wow... gotta agree... you are amazing! As my birthday approaches you're inspiring me to write my own "57 Things" list... but I don't think it will include riding a bike! Love you!


My heartfelt congratulations to you and your very supportive husband. Each mile you rode was one I wish I could have done but my biking is confined to the small pedals I sit in a chair and pedal away. Don't know how many miles I have gone yet but it's nowhere near 100!



You are just crazy-cool! That´s all I can say.

meg duerksen


Anne Leuck Feldhaus

Congrats Michelle! You guys make a great team...you rock with your list, maybe I'll do one for 2010.

My husband recently bought us a vintage Schwinn Twinn Tandem bike...definitely a learning curve riding literally together...we've only done about 20 miles so far but it's been great fun. No more 'what did you say?' the whole ride and I get to look at the scenery :)


Good job, girlie! I'm thinking I might try a century-you've inspired me! Maybe next year!


Was this the "Hotter Hell and 100 miles" that takes place in Texas? my husband did that this year. It took him 5 hours, not me though :S


That is very neat of you guys.
Yeah my husband is fit, and he got the 997 place, apparently there where 14000 people on that race and it goes on every year. He is fit even though he does not think he is and wants to be lighter so he can be faster hahaa. I am like... dude, you're skinny, stop losing weight. Anyways how fun! Nice art.

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