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August 18, 2009



Hi Michelle,
Hope you are having fun in NY! When I lived there, my mom & I owned a gift store and the NY gift show was one of our favorite events of the year! Exhausting, but in a good way:-)

I love your designs...I've been a collector of your mom's art for many years, and I'm thinkin' I need to get one of your clocks...or something "Michelle-ish" to brighten up my office.

Have a wonderful time in NY!



Hi Michelle ~ I have never made a list like this on paper (just in my mind), but maybe I should! Would you believe that one thing I have always wanted to do is to go deep sea fishing! I don't even like fish, can't swim, and would probably get seasick! So maybe I can think of some really neat things that I would like to do. Thanks for the idea.

Gary Allen

Love the pics and the vase designs. We miss you!

Meaghan (bonafyde)

I finally wrote out my list for my current age last week as part of a future post in the blog I have been busy re-crafting. One of the things on my list is to begin joining my Hubby in the mornings on his run. I am happy to report that I began this Monday and have been able to run about a mile and half with him before switching to speed walking while he speeds off ahead. I'm so proud of myself and I feel exhilarated at what I can see my body do. I have already mapped out mini goals for myself...ie:tomorrow I get to that big tree, the next day the turning back point, etc...
When I get my list up live on my blog I'll let you know!


Hi Michelle, Ever since I read your list, I have been rolling the idea around in my head about what I would put on the list. I know there are tons of things I would like to do, but until I put pen to paper, I'm afraid it won't come out....or get done! So, one thing I would like to do is go to Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Good girl for getting out there and running, nothing like seeing other people run to get motivated! I ran 5 miles at the park then Macey and I walked the whole loop (hills and all) You know I love your stuff and am insanely irritated by your drive to improve yourself! LOL Lets just get Dairy Queen when you come home! tee-hee


I haven't gotten a list together for my blog yet like others I just have a list in my head. Some where at the top of my list is to see the aurora borealis (northern lights). It's been at the top of my list since I was young. Some day.....


I would like to create a list. One things would be to visit NY.


Hi michelle, love your blog. It's inspiring. Well, I created my own list "39 things before 40". Yep, that's right, the big 40 is next month.
Well, I am off to Philadelphia for the weekend. I plan on crossing a few things off my list while I am there.

Come check out my list.



I love this idea and I'm in the process of making my list. One of the things on my list for this year, 41, is to run a 5K in September. I never knew that running could be so fun or fulfilling or social!


Oh, you should so make more vases! They are absolutely wonderful. Your clock is in my kitchen (did I mention that?) and the cat is filled with candy, and every time I look at them they make me smile and I think of you. Enjoy New York!


I secretly stole your list idea when I recently turned 29. 30 is big for me. And scary. I'm a single mom with no help to speak of and no husband. I decided this is the year to get it together so I don't feel all depressed and regretful on my 30th birthday, but rather inspired for all the things I have done. The things on my list are mostly pretty personal but I did include: Start giving people positive feedback. That grew into little cards I started making for friends and family members with simple phrases like : Thanks for being my friend, I am so proud of you, and similar things. The response has been really great. I think this may actually turn into an Etsy shop.

And it all started with your list idea.....



That is a beautiful photo... can't wait to see more! I love 'vacationing' through your pictures!! ;)


Oh, I love whimical vases.
Have you seen the vintage
lady in hats vases before?

I seen a hat stand like
those vintage vases that
I really liked too in a

Wondering if you staying at
Carlton Arms Hotel with it's
fun Artsy Walls?

God Bless You and Yours!!!


Those designs seem to resemble the characters in a pack of card. That is indeed so creative. I totally appreciate the beautiful work!

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