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August 29, 2009



It looks like a lobster, with the claws removed to avoid injury :-) apparently they don´t change color to red before they are cooked. And I would love to join you on a trip to China! The market looks grand! I was once at a traditional herbal medicine market outside Baoding, near Beijing. Now there was a lot of interesting stuff!!!


oh my WORD! I would not do well at not offending people. I just can't eat that kind of food! You are braver and kinder than I!

I can't believe that car ride just for lunch! Crazy! But yes, very nice of them.


why, WHY do so many cultures consider fish with eyes to be a delicacy?? that has always been such a deal-breaker for me!

i am sure you handled it with grace! i hope if i ever travel internationally, i might be able to fully immerse myself in the culinary experiences!

Brenis Thompson

What a neat market! I've never seen anything like that before... with all the containers full on the ground. Cool! And hey... gorgeous yummy lunch!! Shrimp.. crab.. lobster - NOT too bad this go round!! Bet it was delicious! (?)
The art villiage looks like fun! Bet you could have spent hours there poking around! That last pic looks like a man painting Jesus surrounded by a flock of sheep :) I didnt know they were allowed to do that?

Katy G

you are brave my dear!!!

meg duerksen

oh yeah....just what my typical lunches here in kansas look like! i am always picking out live seafood from clear boxes and carrying it in a bag across the street.
that is so crazy?!!!
i had no idea that stuff like this even existed.
you are a trooper michelle!

Teri Leigh

The photos are amazing. That top lobster or whatever it is looks like someone painted the shell. Nature has such beautiful art. Glad you will be home soon.


Funny... the lobster like creature reminded me so much of your artwork Michelle... with the striped legs and vibrant colors!! Hmmmm... now we know where you get your inspiration.

So glad you get to experience and enjoy a culture so different than ours... and yes... I'm on board for your next trip there!


Lobster-like? Why is everyone saying lobster? It is SO obviously a HUGE colorful grasshopper! And when you say you ate the pretty creature above please tell me you are referring to the fish and *not* THE GRASSHOPPER. :P


You have no idea how often I yell "Shut UP!" at my screen when I read your blog. Crazy stuff, I tell ya!

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