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August 28, 2009



Oh....I'm sooo proud of you for laboring out the run!! Food looks yum!! DRINK WATER TODAY!!! If you were wringing out socks your H2O tank is probably just a tad low(-;

Katy G

way to go to get a run in!!! Love the pic of the paint buckets- all those bright colors make me happy:)

Gary Allen

Nice job! It's amazing that a 4 mile run can work you that bad. The buckets of paint pic is cool. Smooches


got your email about the artfest....sounds like a definite plan :)


Okay, I don't feel so bad now. I have only been running since June and am wondering why it seems so hard still. Here in Florida, 98 is a "cool" day and we have been having 100% humidity for almost 2 months straight now. Even early in the morning, it is already sticky and the air is heavy. Thanks for showing us your tomato face, and I'll just keep doing what I can until cooler weather makes its way down here.


Also, thanks for sharing your China trip and some of the process behind what you do. I don't know what direction my art is taking, but I love seeing all of the behind-the-scenes into what it takes to make yours.

Brenis Thompson

Michelle, I cant believe you are back in China again already! Seems like just last month you were eating those hairy ball fruit things! LOL
Your cuisine doesn't seem too bad this time around! No snakes!! Yay!! :D Or squid?ink? Yikes. Always love the pics you post during your trips. It's amazing how much you and they get done while you are there - and i find it all sooo interesting!! So thanks for "taking us along with you" when you go! Congrats on getting a run in !!! Godspeed in your travels home :D Blessings,


So proud of you... as a runner, an artist, a daughter and so much more! Gotta agree... the paint cans pic is a winner! Hugs...


I ate at a chinese restaurant yesterday, and thought of you :-) I am so excited to see your new collection!


you are very inspiring with the running!

I also love the paint can pic! Can't wait to see all the new stuff!


High five! :)

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