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July 15, 2009


Carmen Torbus

Love the new clock design!

And I can soo relate to your "currently" list.

Michele Patrick

You are so talented... love the clock! I hope it is cooler there... I wouldn't dream of running in this 94 degree weather... but some do!


That is fantastic!! What a cute kitty!


and to you, DENMARK, and go around the little towns sneaking into vintage shops xD i swear i have been into so many that are sooo you xD xD xD i can recommend specific places if you decide to gooo

debi (junkin' yaya)

Hi sweetie!

Just wanted you to know that the Yaya's are LOVING your art blocks that we bought for the store! :) Thanks again...and look forward to more!

xo...deb (the junkin' yaya)
Yaya Chique


most adorable!

i may steal...errr... "borrow" your list idea. i love your list.

Liz Fulcher

The best part of this post was seeing your work space. The kitty is fabulously whimsical! Liz

Teri Leigh

Love seeing how the cat clock turned out. Adorable as usual. I think traveling puts you out of sorts when you first get home. Running is good and welcome home.


I really like the clock! So cute!

I love your individuality too!

Have you ever seen a trikke?

If you get a chance click the
blue Flassie and there will be
a link to the trekke website.
Still trying to figure out what
wheels I should get.

There was mention on the Trekke
commerical that you could ride
these things around town.
There is a lot of swerving while
riding. Looks like a wild fun ride.
They do fold up and I like that idea.
I might have to pass on the idea of
me getting on one of those contraptions

God Bless You and Yours!!!


What a lovely cat. So happy and with charmer-eyelashes :-)
I am dreaming of coming back to the States. Maybe we should just make our dreams come true?!! :-)


So, I love your new cat. I was trying to figure out why you didn't say anything about the funky looking panda in the circle on the upper right of the photo. Then I realized it was your paint blotches or whatever you artsy people call it. :) I am sooooo not artsy! I am glad I can appreciate yours!


i always love seeing your works in progress.

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