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July 08, 2009


Gail Miller

That's a beautiful cake, Michelle!


you just made that by adding trix cereal to the cake mix???? That is awesome!


I love this idea-and the less structured look is so wonderful! I'm looking forward to Cooper's next b-day to try this myself. Great job!


What an amazing, psychedelic cake. I bet it was delicious!! Thanks for visiting my blog! :) Silke


Amaaaaaaaaaazing!! Looks amazingggg!!! So much fun!!!


Amazing Cake How Sweet it Looks!

I like the less stuctured look of
the cake and the trix is that added
Piece de Resistance!

I drove through a rainbow b/4.lol!

Happy Birthday to Jess!!! That look
on her face is priceless!

God Bless You and Yours!!!


Will be making one for my son's 8th
b-day in August...so cool!

Jennifer Williams "Blueskysunburn"

Such wonderful color on that cake! It's very cool. The look on her face is just too cute.


Happy Birthday to Jess!
That's a beautiful cake.
So much fun!!!
Hugs Michelle.


I'm not waiting for a Birthday!!! this is going to be a Happy Whatever day cake!!! LOVE IT!!!!! where'dya get the candles?


OMG! So cool! I *LOVE* her picture :)


Please come by my blog to check out the Bella Sinclair Award that I am passing on to you. :) I was supposed to choose 20 artists. But it was important to me that it mean something so I could only think of 10 people that it really fit. And you were one of them.



What a great idea for a cake! I love it. My girls birthdays have all passed, but I'm thinking next year!! :) I also love your cake stand. Very cool.

meg duerksen

oh i LOVE it! it is just perfect!!
great job michelle. wasn't it fun to make?! we just made swirly cupcakes for sean's birthday this weekend. :)


awesome, cake!!!


I love the colors!! That cake is awesome!


this is awesome- so wish I saw this post a few weeks ago- my step daughter just turned 9 and she would have LOVED this!!! Do you have a recipe for this awesomeness? xo


super cool!


hi i was just wondering how you got the colours to mix like that???? because i want to make a cake like this for my little sisters 9th birthday :P


How did you get the cake to have those neon colors??

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