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May 20, 2009


Jean Williams-Von Zopf

I love it!! You can make one for me anytime. I'm all signed up for the girlfriends 1/2. Hope to see you on the padden soon!!


Love the doll and I do know what you are saying. Some people just don't get it ... or us. Ptuiiii on them, I say!

Janne Robberstad

Oh, this doll is just so great! I love its funky shape and all the details in the painting. Did you use acrylic paint on the fabric here? It looks so good, the details really add to the character.
The things you make are wonderful, if the receiver doesn´t see that, they must be blind.


LOVE it~! What is gessoed canvas?

Laurie Miller

Wonderful! Really a great piece - I do not sew...at all, however, this makes me want to try it out.

kim mailhot

I love him !!! I was thinking as I was reading about how you made him, who in my world would like to receive a doll like that other than me...I had only one super-fan friend who came to mind. I think I should do two - one for me and one for Suzy-Q.
I don't know if they will be as beautiful as him though !
Happy Sewing !


What a fun project! I so appreciate that you MADE a gift. I also am tired of stuff and I appreciate that this is a personal gift made with your time and care! I wish more people were willing to be a part of the homemade gift movement and be willing to see a homemade gift for what it is - a special expression of time and love. Great idea - but then most of your ideas are great! I found some old Christmas tree ornaments at a garage sale and have plans to try your Christmas wreath idea!


I LoVe it!! I was waiting for you to post some pictures after I saw the pattern. How clever you are. Congrats on getting a new sewing machine, watch out, I'm totally sucked into it's presence and have been sewing like a maniac!
Thanks for your words of encouragement, I appreciate it, can't wait to heal.


woooooow j'adore !!!!!!

Beckie Farrant

Funkalicious...you will be proud of me...I am training for a 200 mile relay called the Bourbon Chase. We are running through the Bourbon trail in KY. I start training next week (it is in October). I AM SO NOT A RUNNER MICHELLE...any advice on shoes?

Michele Patrick

He is too precious and so is your giving heart... too bad everyone can't see that. Hope you're having a great weekend.

Mary Carmen San Vicente

Hello! I'm Mary Carmen from Mexico, I found your journal pages at a group in facebook and decided to follow the link to look for more, and I found your art amazing, really inspiring! Congratulations, I am now declared your fan! ;)


Ooohh Michelle!!! He is DARLING!! i LOVE the different layers, and how you added the face and words... just like one of your journal pages!! Tooo toooo cool!!!

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