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May 04, 2009



YOU are stinking AMAZING!!!

I can't even begin to fathom doing what you just did. Way to go!!!

Janne Robberstad

Wow! Congratulations! You are just SOOO good! It is a task beyond my imagination. The best thing is almost that you are both super-sporty AND super-creative. That should be food for thought for a indoorsy person like me. You won your goal! Yay!!

Jennifer Williams

Wow! Congratulations! All your training has definitely paid off.


oh my goodness! that's amazing. you go, girl!

kim mailhot

Your heart had wings ! How could it not with all that love around it !

Congrats ! Boston, here you come !


Congratulations! You go girl! (In more ways than one!) :D

brenis thompson

WOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh! Congratulations Michelle!! You're a total rock star!! What an incredible accomplishment girl! You have no idea how amazing you are to us non-runners!! HIGH FIVE!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Carmen Torbus

3:39:09! 8:22 average pace for 26.2 miles!

Wow! Wow! Wow! You are incredible! That is freaking awesome!!!!!!


Is it wierd that I'm totally crying? That was awesome. Reading about those last miles...wow. Way to go! Can you believe you are going to be a 3x marathoner, including boston?!! all in like, what?...2 years? holy cow. Go Boston!

gary allen

Thanks a lot. I was there and I still cried when I read the blog.


I'm so jealous that you are a fabulous artist AND a runner... while I sit on my couch thinking about what to create instead of DOING it! Yay for being a DOER!

Come to Boston!!


YAY!! Boston here we come!! I think that pic i was holding back the tears! you did SOOO good! what an incredible and amazing accomplishment!! I think Eleanor Roosevelt was right! cause you proved that!! wooohooo!


You Do Totally ROCK! So impressive. That was great that Katy came and finished with you. I bet that was a big help!


Thanks Michele. You did that race as promised for all of us who could not have. Thanks so much and congratulations. You made us all proud by going past the wall!



Test from Godaddy.com


What that run had, was MORE COWBELL!



Amazing! COngrats!! You should be very proud of yourself!!!



Congratulations! Sweet triumph- that time has got to make you feel so good! I knew you'd do it :)

Geez...Boston??? Hmmmm! maybe?! :)

april mccrumb

Congratulations Speedy Gonzolas! Hmmmm... I foresee a cute running girl clock with legs moving back & forth as the pendulum coming soon:)


Congrats! I love the self-portrait!

God Bless You and Yours!!!


CONGRATULATIONS!!! You did great!

Teri Leigh

You're me hero! Way to go girl!!!!!! I was praying for you and I am so proud of you for giving it all you had. There is no stopping you now :)


Love you my girl... couldn't be prouder! I was glad we were there to watch you cross that finish line!!!

Kimberly Kelly Santini

you've got so much integrity and courage - WAY TO GO!! congratulations on sticking with it, and running through the wall!!


WoW!!! YOU ROCK!!! Super Super Super congrats :)
I cant believe I missed this post before...!

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