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May 29, 2009


Jenni Haynes



Woah!!! Ok, so maybe I won't be joining you in China. You have earned my utmost respect in the category of "most brave world traveler"


Wow! Don't forget the bar tomorrow just in case!


You are one BRAVE soul. There no way jose'! uh eh....NO way I'd do it. That's like stuff you see on what's that t.v. show....Survivor!

I'd be writing a post it note and sticking it on your alarm clock for tomorrow..."DONT FORGET TO PACK A BAR!!!" ;-)


WOW! I don't think I could do it ... I like snakes! You must have been hungry ... and brave! I'm enjoying your commentary -- even if you aren't. Way to run!


Wow~! I detest snakes, can't imagine eating one....I've had eel which has been the biggest yuck I've ever tasted. I thihk I would have truly hurled though with the SGB.

Brenis Thompson

Ohhh Michelllleee!!!!! You're killin me!! You poor thing!! And it's day 4, and you're a starvin' runnin' woman... oh mann.. you need to find a local little store that has tons of CRACKERS and BREAD or NOODLES - stock up on the carbs!!! LOLOLOL
um yah.. the live snakes.. i would have been runnin the other direction...and i fear trying not to insult your hosts... no amount trying would have kept me from losing what little of the snake soup I ate, at the sight of the SGB!!! HUGE KUDOS to you!! xo Bren


there is no way I could have eaten that!

you are brave!

Janne Robberstad

I take my hat off, and bow my head in respect. I think I would have the used allergies as an excuse to avoid the situation, to be honest. The only way I enjoy snakes, is by using their skin as a material...


OK, so you have to get me that recipe. I have been trying snake in all kinds of forms but that looks like it takes the cake. That would be such a great addition to my weekly family meals. Oh, and that super yummy looking green juice, I have to have that one too.


ewwww.....you are a brave woman!

Teri Leigh

OK, you have just catapulted yourself into a whole new hero category of mine. I bet they lay awake at night thinking of new lunches for you to try, ha, ha!


Ohhhhhhhh - no way! I think you have given me the key to weight loss. I will just have a bowl of snake soup for dinner every night :)


Oiisshh! You're soo brave! I'm not so sure if I could do it :S I'm not a picky eater.. but that??? hmmmm...


Oh my gosh... you are brave! Great photos, it is so interesting to 'be traveling' with you. Thank you for sharing!!


oh my goodness gracious sakes alive. It was bad when you were showing us the snakes and soup...then the gallbladders and fluid stuff?! Ummm, no. no. no. and no again. Couldn't handle it. Not a chance.

Amy Hurt

Wasn't that snake a rubber snake? It looked like the ones I have bought for the boys.

Amy Hurt

I think you are ready to go on Survivor!!!!

Anne Leuck Feldhaus

Your lunch would have been my biggest nightmare! I have a horrible snake phobia...you are one gutsy lady Michelle!


That is gross and inhumane. Snake isnt something you eat, they're so unique, interesting, and cute. It would be wayyy better for u to have one as a pet to observe and do research on than eat one. Because of ppl like you the snake population is decreasing rapidly. Save the snakes, dont eat them.



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