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May 28, 2009



Food looks totally Yumm!!! Hang in there, looks like you're doing well. Good job on the 3.5 miler yesterday!!
Safe travels, my friend.


I'm enjoying your trip! If I remember correctly, eating hot spicy food is supposed to make you sweat so that your body cools in the heat .... doesn't sound like its working! :( It should *burn* out any bacteria!!! Stay well!

David Miller

I absolutely love your pictures! I'm so jealous, I will have to get there someday soon. Have fun and Gods speed! ;-)


I might have nightmares from that bird picture...........

you are sooooo brave!

april mccrumb

ooooh... those whimsical boxes(?) look super cool even without the paint:)

and speaking of food, I'm happy to say I'm eating my lunch at Chipolte this afternoon:)- it's a good thing you're a brave eater!


LOL, all I have to say is my husband would starve.

Brenis Thompson

Oh Michelle!! :) Your trips to china always make me laugh! I imagine you come home absolutely STARVING for a cheeseburger or pizza!! LOLOL or just something without eyes! :) The hairy fruit in your first post... oy.. my mind went somewhere else entirely, and it wasn't pretty!! LOLOL
And some of the stuff you are served doesn't look "too" bad.. lol... but really? Penguin?? :(
You should have told them you've recently become a vegetarian. LOL Wondering if you lose weight off that little tiny frame while you're there? :)
Take care of yourself..you HAVE to eat to stay strong and healthy! Lifting you up in prayer - hope you have a safe trip home!! xo Bren


*shudder on the penquin* gosh, you must be so brave at meal times~! I would live on bars and lose 10lbs, lol.

Love the box looking products :)

Janne Robberstad

The boxes look so great, I canĀ“t wait to see the new line. With colors and all. they seem to be usable for lots of purposes. Will you present them on your site when they are finished?

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