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May 26, 2009


Chrissie Grace

Wow! I'm so envious.
I've been trying to get into licensing for about 2 years now. I can't wait to see the final line.
That's kind of scary about the swine flu. I will say a special prayer that you stay healthy!
Enjoy yourself...
Chrissie Grace


That fruit is called a Lychee Nut. Living in BC, we have a very high Asian population and so this is something common here. Very yummy! I think you can buy a bunch for about $2-3 CDN.


How exciting! You have such a *cool* job!! Thanks for sharing with those of us who have never traveled to China... it is so interesting.


Stay healthy! I love the doggie!


glad you made it safely!! Prayin that you stay healthy! can't wait to see the rest! btw-cute hair :)

missed ya in the studio today! I'll do a run for you this week:)


Michelle, I know your trips to China are always a little bit of "adventure" but I found your posts so exiting.I'm looking forward to see what are you going to eat :)
Stay safe and have a nice-productive-fast trip!

Jenni Haynes

When I was in China with you the Chinese called that fruit in English "dragon's eye". Lyche is correct too. I will be praying for you to not get sick....
I'm worried and concerned for you now. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Aunt Cindy

I'm glad you made it safely! Did you take your antibacterial lotion with you? I'll be praying for you! You look so adorable with your new doo! Hope you get lots done! Love you!


Hi Sweetie... I'm so glad to know God is with you and you're not alone there... otherwise I'd probably be worried sick! Your dad and I pray for you every day and trust you to be well taken care of. Love your creativity in sharing your adventure with us while you're gone... looking forward to seeing more!

The girls did great at track last night... I'm sure they'll tell you all about it... hip hop tonite! Love you and miss you!


Hey there sistah! What does that fruit taste like? Sweet like mango or more like pear? Ran 7 miles in Bandon, beautiful weather! Dave went out looking for me after 60 minutes, how sweet!:) Will give Stace a jingle. Be safe, wash those hands! Praying for you and see you home soon.


It's Rambuton http://www.malaysiabest.net/2008/05/05/the-red-hairy-fruit-is-in-season-again-rambutan/

Lychee nuts are smaller and not hairy, lol. http://www.lycheesonline.com/faqs.cfm

I've had lychees off a tree in Hawaii, and have bought it here as well at the market. My kids love them. I've only had Rambuton freeze-dried from Trader Joe's. It was eh, ok, maybe the taste is better fresh.

Thanks for posting a pic of the lil' cutie~!

God will protect you against any sickness~!


Have a safe and healthy trip! You might not be having fun, we are enjoying your travels to China!


Hey girl, I am so behind, i had no idea you were in China again. I know this trip is hard for you but ilook forward to you going just because I love seeing all the different things.

I'll be praying for protection from illness for you!

Be safe and have a little fun!


WOW! You have a fantastic job!

Stay healthy!

מרכז הבעה

I like that god is with you and you're not alone there otherwise I had probably be concerned sick! I hope for you every day and believe in you to be well taken proper health care of.

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