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May 14, 2009



If you get up really early then you won't have to be in the hot training.

Jennifer Williams

As always your journal pages are stunning. I just LOVE all the color!

I really have to commend you on your determination for your running. You're doing a spectacular job!

Janne Robberstad

The glass isn´t half empty, it´s half full. You still have over half a year to complete your challenges! It takes time to fill up the think-tank with ideas and inspiration, to let it dwell, and then let it all out. You are so talented and disiplined, there is no need to worry :-)
Your journal-pages are such an inspiration in themselves. I love your line (your drawing).


I love your journal pages...so fresh and vibrant...and even if you haven't accomplished much of what you intended, you've at least had the idea, the plan and the artwork alone is accomplishment! Then the marathon running...I think you've accomplished quite a bit!!

Love your forget-me-nots...mine are out now too and I just love them.

Congrats to your friend...I applaud her accomplishment as well...speaks to what we put our minds to we can accomplish! And we accomplish those things that are meant to be accomplished...I wonder how much of my own "to do" goals are frivolous?!


your colors, your vibrant heart are just so contagious...thank you!

Laurie Miller

Michelle - I love your journal pages. I would love to see a demonstration or explanation of the techniques or mediums you are using to achieve the colors that you have. They just seem to "glow" on the page. Thanks for the inspiration!


Your journal pages are wonderful. I always enjoy seeing them. I think running in a marathon sounds like accomplishing quite a bit! Congratulations to your friend.


Your journal looks so *fun*... thanks for sharing!! Love the photo of the flowers, what a pretty color they are and striking against the green!!


I loooooove your random journal page: the colours, the little dogs and the funny cup. Sure painting around things is great!
Thank you for sharing and for the inspiration.
As to things to accomplish I myself never even make lists ....and I don't even run! I agree that running is accomplishing quite a bit!


Your journal pages are so amanzing!

I wish I could run again. I use to
be in track when I was young in school.

I can only do a shuffle. At least
I can walk. I am very thankful for
that. I park far away for the stores
and buildings to make sure I get more
walking in even though I could have
one of those parking permits for the
disabled if I wanted it.

God Bless You and Yours and
Your Creative Life!!!

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