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April 26, 2009


Alison Gibbs

Oh how yummy they all will be


Great start! I like mixing my veggies in with my flowers. Fun! There are books out there in bookland about what you can plant with other plants. Some plants and some veggies don't get along! Amazing! (Shame on them.!!!) Have fun!

Janne Robberstad

Good work! You remind me how much fun gardening can be. There are no rules to where the strawberries go, if you plant them on free-land, they just might have to be stronger, because they have other plants to fight along with for nourishment. But the taste will probably be even better!
Oh, and I have a great recipe for a ruhbarb-drink. When they are ripe (and apperently they should be taken in before June 23rd?), boil 1 kg of them with 3 dl (o,3 liters) water, separate the pulp and the juice, and bring the juice to a boil, take the pan off the heat, add about 300 grams of sugar while you stir. Put it back on the heat, and keep stirring till it boils again. Cool it, and mix with 50% cold water before you drink it.


Oh I am soooo jealous!!! LOL!!
We just tilled our garden yesterday, still need to get some top soil on there.. and woke up this morning to SNOW. Sheesh!! Us coloradoans can't plant until the end of May.. and it about drives me nutty!! Guess I have a major case of spring fever!! LOL!! Love your little beds! What did you put on top? Looks soo rich!!


Of course you can mix! Rick is horrified that I am cutting back some of his perfectly good landscaping to put in things to eat! And my strawberries volunteered into the landscaping which I am perfectly okay with! Edible landscaping is on the rise!


great job on becoming a gardener. I hope your bounty is plentiful. Looking forward to lunch.

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