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April 23, 2009


cuzzin mo

Ooo how exciting! we just had a friend build us a garden box too! We are planting bell peppers, tomatoes, and Mescalin lettuce..not sure if that's the right spelling but it's really good according to my dad! And I heard that garlic plants make bugs stay away! let me know how it goes! love ya!


wow! that is awesome! i would love to grow my own tomatoes!

Janne Robberstad

Hi Michelle!
If you decide to get carrots (and corrots, as God intended them to be, are deliciours!) plant garlic next to them. It keeps the carrot-flies away. Or tagetes (the flower).

gary allen

I see how it works. post the pics and then we have to finish on time or the pressure from your friends will be to great to handle:) I am looking forward to some yummy veggies.

melanie @ whimsical creations

You will LOVE it!! I started my own a few years ago and my kids LOVE to go and pick food from the garden. Our favorite is sugar snapped peas. It's a great snack for the kids, especially while they are running around outside.

We are planting some seed this weekend.


I love to garden and grow veggies -- difficult to do in the city, but somehow we do it. Tomatoes in pots on the balcony to keep the squirrels from taking all of them! I buy heirloom seeds. I think we should work to bring the *old* seeds and plants back. We need the diversity. And,they haven't been genetically manipulated except by the Universe! Enjoy! It's fun!

stephen f.

fantastic! Sarah is nagging me for a garden as well.


Oooh love the raised beds! You will have a great time, and rediscover veggies!! I am already drooling and anticipating ours! (although in colorado we can't even start planting until almost the end of may!)
One little tip - be careful with the rubarb! Rubarb and Horseradish are two that will OVERTAKE your entire garden! They can grow waist high overnight it seems! LOL So plant them away from everything else and block them off! And.. they come back every year whether you want them to or not! haha!
mmmm... fresh rhubarb pie... omgosh...
have funnn!!!


I miss having a garden. It's easy to
grow things outside.

I had bought seeds that cost less
and they grew fine.

I don't know if it was because when I went
to work the ground after it was tilled I
found lot's of hand fulls of nails. I don't
know if that put something good into the
soil or not. Also a lot of vegetation had
been growing there before it was tilled.

If you want something pretty to add to
your drinks grow borage. A pretty blue
flower floating in a glass of water is a
treat. They also improve the flavor of
tomatoes growing near by.

I really like the raised beds
your husband put in.

Grow some herbs and sun flowers
are fun too.

God Bless You and Yours and Bless
Your Green Thumb and Garden TOo!!!


Hey! We have PLENTY of "fertilizer" if you need it!


You grow girl! I love my garden....it has become a real sanctuary for me. There's something magical that happens when I am out there in the early morning or evening, seeing how the veggies have changes since the day before. You will love it.

Jamie Keifer

Good luck in creating a beautiful garden. Just a tip: you can consult an agricultural almanac if you want to know which plants are suitable to plant for a specific month. That way, in times of harvest, your veggies will look good.

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