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April 30, 2009


Paulette Insall

what a clever girl you are!! fab painting too!! :)


What a great idea! I have a couple paintings I did on the flat canvas board and they needed something. That is a great idea!!

kim mailhot

This is an awesome idea ! I was just looking at those gallery canvases yesterday longingly at the craft store but couldn't bring myself to spend my little art budget on them. This is a perfect solution !

I am going to Squam this fall and will be spending a day with Judy Wise. So very very excited !
Thanks for this !


I remember that piece cause it was one of my favs. Cool how you finished it!


awesome. thank you!


Ok Ms. Clever! What a great money saving idea, and terrific results! I'll have to remember this for future projects!! :D


Nice frame idea. Viola'! (French for "See there!") Pronounced with a "V" sound at the beginning. Vua La, not WAA LA.




That is a great idea!!!


genius!!! :D

thanks for stopping by, btw. now i'm having fun cruising your blog. hehe

and i just have to mention for the person who corrected *your* usage of the word, voila is not spelled viola - that would be a musical instrument. *evil grin* (ok, back to the time out corner for me)



voi·là [ vwaa l ]



there you are: used to bring somebody's attention to something, especially in order to elicit appreciation or approval

[Mid-18th century. < French< voi "see!" + là "there"]

OOPS! I transposed the "O" & "I"
You can hear it pronounced on the Encarta Dictionary

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