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March 13, 2009



Congrats! I want another tattoo.


wow! you are very brave. looks like it turned out great.

april mccrumb

love it! - so retro:)


what a great tattoo!


love your new tat and the story behind the green bicycle!
you'll probably get another tatoo at some point.
they are like potato chips!


very very cool! they are like potato chips i want more!


OM...gosh! Congrats! i think you're my new hero. Love the placement.


Nice! The forearm is a brave choice for your first ink! I also want another. The tat on my back hurt like a son of a gun tho'...

Kimberly Kelly Santini

lookin' good!! welcome to the club!! :)


your dad and i surprised you with our response, didn't we? looks great... very you... congrats!


You're so brave!!! Looks GREAT, congrats!

Sonya Paz

Cool...! Welcome to the club!!


I love it, and I love that it really means something... I am not really a fan of them when people just get random things, but when it has a story like yours behind it, that is different. I am not sure if I will ever get one, but if I do, it'll be a swirl! :)

Healing Expressions

You are officially totally cool lol! Congrats on taking the risk. Maybe I'll be brave enough to get my little teeny weeny butterfly someday!


And now that you got one, you'll probably want another one in a few months....
I got one about 8 years ago, on my hip. I still love it. Someday, I want another one or two, but I have to have MEANING behind getting permanently inked.

Mine didn't hurt much...probably because just as the guy was starting, my neck spazzed out and I was in immense pain from that.


super cool, michelle! i want one after I do my 1st marathon.

Amy Hurt

You have inspired me to possibly get one in the future. I think a snow flake with a cross in the middle would be great.

I love your design and colors.


I don't remember you mentioning why you got it inked on your arm. It's a very different place in my mind, esp. the inside of your arm.

It turned out really great. Love the green you picked~!

Penelope Gan

Congrats! I've always wanted one myself for the longest of time and I remembered asking it as a graduation gift <-- more like asking for endorsement from my mom whom I cherish as she's a single mom and hence, my best friend, confidante etc. Anyways, she dragged me into one of the studios in Brunswick St. in Melbourne, Victoria and I chicken out! Till this day I've not done one as I can't stick with a design I like.

Lately I told a guy that he'll have to tattoo my name around his ring finger to marry me. When asked "and you'll do the same?" I absent mindedly replied "no way! I will change my mind!" lol. that sure went well for a few weeks. ;p

oh, we're still ok. but still no tats. he's not into tats.


Wow...I have to say I'm very impressed with your courage. I will never ever be brave enough to have myself tattooed!


I have mine on my left back, below the shoulder....It's been there awhile...nice tat.


Love it, congrats on your tat! I just got my second one (check out my blog for pics) and love it. Well worth the pain, lol. ENjoy your new art and have a great day!!!


Good for you! My son just had his first one a month ago...I've never wanted a permanent one -- did have a henna one years ago and it was kind of fun!

Michele Patrick

Hi Michelle - I found your blog through Chrissie Grace's blog. I LOVE your tatto... teared up when I read that your hubby made a bike ornament to go with the gift. I have 2 tatoos. The first one is on the lower right side of my back and is my copyright date (1960) so it looks like this ©MCMLX. The second one is on my ankle and is 777 for my wedding date, July 7, 2007. I think I'll stop at that probably. Love your blog and will be following it for sure. Take care, Michele


Love your tattoo! My husband & I have a bike history also, (not professional riding like yours) so for our 25th anniversary I designed him a bike inspired tattoo. I just posted photos this week if you'd like to check it out. PS. Love your blog!

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