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February 18, 2009


Carmen Torbus

LOVE that journal page!!! And adorable stamp. Way to go!


Michelle - congrats on your running and keeping with it!! :) I'm loving your journal pages - they are so inspiring, and they make me want to jump into yet another art form! LOL Cuz that's what i need... more art supplies! LOLOL!!
But I want to say thank you for being so transparent and real! I made 6 stamps the other day - all words - LOL... and did NOT realize until i went to stamp them that they were ALL backwards!!! DUHHHH!!! haha that lightbulb just never came on!! Made me feel like such a brainiac!! :D

Have you cashed in your gift certificate yet??? :)

Kaley (Orange Tree)

Hi Michelle! I love your journal pages! They are so unique and fun! What I wouldn't give to have HALF of your creativity and talent...! :)


Your pages are always so colorful! To you they may seem messy, but to me it's just more stuff to look at. I haven't carved stamps in a while, but I always draw out the design on tissue with a pencil, then rub the pencil markings on the rubber - that way it's already backwards when I carve. I still haven't gotten the hang of carving curves, though. Maybe you could show us at one of the journal meetings.


Cool stamp!
Do you have any hints for a beginner stamp carver? Thanks in advance.


great journal pages as always. love the stamp - i should get that for emma - her middle name is faith. so cute!


The stamps look wonderful dear :D

julie delamarter

love the stamp! I've been following your running progress. you are doing so awesome!! I've been running and it feels so great to have that again for me...but I'm having a really hard time with the diet. When I lose the weight I'm sure the running will become easier. keep it up! I'll join the marathon bandwagon some day.

Jamie R Lentzner

As always your journal looks amzaing - and mine (the sketch book I got with you) is full of notes, pencil sketches and not very inspirting. I am thinking of throwing it in my purse today - hope I can create pages like yours - just gorgeous the way they jump off the pages. Any new trade shows coming up?

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