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January 21, 2009


Account Deleted

Hi Michelle
I don't remember how I ran across your blog, but I fell in love! I love your work...I sat here one night and read through a bunch of old posts.
I'm an artist and I started working with an agent this summer. You can view my work at www.chrissiegrace.com The website isn't complete yet but you'll get a jist of what I do.
I'm a total organizer too. I make lists for everything!
Thanks for all the inspiration, you are one of my favorites.
Chrissie Grace


How organized! I used to to that when I worked outside the home before I had kids. I should really start doing that again. It would really help. =)

Valentina R

I *LOVE* lists... is the online way I can organize stuff here! Indeed I woke up this morning thinking in how I will make a huge calendar to organize the next 6 weeks ;)
BTW I love to hear the marathon updates, I feel inspired to workout (and set cool goals!)

susan m hinckley

Sorry to hear the show was bad. It's a strange environment right now and challenging to figure out the best way to sell work, isn't it? Let's hope it improves soon. Also, I'm delighted to hear about your running! I used to be a psycho runner (as in recording times and distances, etc.) as well! An injury a few years ago has turned me into a recreational runner, so now I can live vicariously through you. An artist who blogs about running and makes great work? Best blog ever!

Teri Leigh

I don't do the blackberry thing too well either. I like something where I can see the whole month too. You had a great idea of writing goals at the top. I think I will try that. Thanks for sharing your process.

Steve DeHaart

My agenda organization is somewhat like yours; however, I keep it completely digitized. Either way, you got to keep your information organized and presented in a way that maximizes the use of your time! Like that one commercial goes - "Life comes at you fast."

Kimberly Kelly Santini

I used to be a die-hard Franklin planner-ite, so much so that my family referred to my planner as my Bible. Making lists and re-writing the things that I didn't get to (similar to how Michelle works!) was the only way I could stay organized. However, this summer I made the transition to a Palm Pilot. The shift was rough, and it took several weeks for me to get used to, but I'm now converted. I can use computer generated lists and still tick off the tasks, but I can also easily reschedule and structure my days/weeks in seconds and include repetitive tasks/reminders with a click. I still miss my planner, but am thinking about beginning to journal in it's place, so as to get my fix of doodling, writing, and filling pages with thoughts and color.


I only recenly started using a calendar/planner, and now I love it! It truly keeps me sane. And I do the same thing you do with the sticky notes on the front cover.

So, you should do some planners w/ your art on the front......i'd use it!

Meg Duerksen

i do nothing.
you rock.
soon when my memory gets a tiny bit worse than it already is...i will be forced to use something to get my life together.


I use my cell phone for really important appts, esp. when I have to pick up my kids from school with an hour before alarm. Also, all my workout classes have their own ring as well as my weekly small group. I also use my calendar on outlook. I usually have my ipod with me, which syncs with my outlook calendar, but I don't normally have it turned on all day, so the alarms are useless. It's great to have all my contacts in there though if I need a number for a phone call to someone not in my phone. I do keep a lot of unusual ph. numbers in my phone, like insurance co. in case of an accident, attendence office of all three schools, airline I use, my car dealer in case of accident, AAA, fave pizza place, and my credit card co. in case of thief. I txt myself notes if I need to remember to do something and have my husband txt his grocery store list of stuff he needs. I also txt to my email, photos and other to do items so I don't forget. The only thing I use a sm. paper calendar for is to keep track of my cycles and what days I have to take progesterone (hormones so I don't get ovarian cysts). We use the school cafeteria calendar on the fridge to keep track of the date and what days the boys have to set the table and take out the trash, LOL.


Hi Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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