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January 10, 2009


Tonya Gray

Hi Michelle,

I'm a friend of Cheese's, and I love your blog, your attitude and your creativity. I have been selling wholesale for 15 years, and just recently started doing retail, starting at the Portland Saturday Market this past Sept.

I have a line of ceramic ornaments that have been going gang busters for years and years. I really love them, but I needed to mix it up a bit, so designed a line of magnetic chalkboards that are really fun (if I may say so myself!)

This new passion of painting bright colors is so satisfying. I'm not an impatient person, but by not waiting for the kiln to unload and getting to see the finished piece right in front of me is exciting.

I love words, inspirational thoughts, great colors, quirky designs.

Today is day 2 of the Portland Gift Show.
Small show, there were buyers in the am on Saturday, the pm was a dud. We'll see what today holds.

Love the picture of the new design. What great fun!
Tonya Gray

Anjanette Myren

Hi there, I just happened to find your blog while looking though etsy....one thing led to another and then I realized I have one of your clocks (blue vase with pink flowers) and I was so excited to read about the artist! First let me say I am so inspired by your work! I can only hope to go wholesale someday. My main medium are gourds. I tag myself a "non-traditional gourd artist" and I sell my wares at a little artists co-op called www.thestudioonsixth.com, and on etsy, www.nuttienotions.etsy.com. I also sell kids clothes on etsy and some polymer clay/ resin jewelry too. I have just a few of my gourds on etsy...they sell well enough at the co-op that I can't keep up with them. I make "gourd Gals" and "birds" and they can be customized with hair and eye color, they are usually a hit at shows I do. My newest creations are gourd wreaths made out of tiny gourds covered in tissue paper.
Thank you for taking the time to check out my work...

Kimberly Santini

Michelle, I've been haunting your blog for a while now, having found it through another artist's blog. I love the joi-de-vivre that your work exhudes, and find your marketing approach refreshing. I am a painter, specializing in pet portraits, with a daily project called Painting a Dog a Day (www.paintingadogaday.com). I sell primarily from the web, although I do have gallery/brick and mortar representation. I find that I connect with clients through referrals, but also use traditional mail postings and an aggressive email/blogging/electronic newsletter approach. I would love to take my imagery into the secondary market, and am taking notes from you!! Have fun at market - Kim Santini

Gail Gordon

Hi, Michelle. I stopped by your blog and love your work. I'm trying to find the name of the artist that made a 3 tier metal plate holder with whimsical metal decorated pieces attached (a flying female chef, a sign that says "stir crazy" etc.) My daughters bought this wonderful piece at least 5 or 6 years ago--possibly more. Could it be one of your early pieces?


OMG dear the clock is so wonderful!!
BTW I got your letter!! Thanks so much D: So many lovely things you sent!!!! :D :D :D Everything looks super wonderful :D :D:D


thanks for the shout out :)
you my dear are a creative genius.

Teri Leigh

I hope you have a great trip. I don't sell anything right now but I like your stuff. You never know what 2009 will bring for me though :) Keep up the great creative work!


I love to drop in on your blog! I wish I could have found you at market to see your things in person! I am in a showroom on the children's floor- building 3, 13th floor! There was so much to see there it is overwhelming! I am new to the market but we meet a lot of great people on our first visit- maybe next time I will run into you! Sweet sweet clock!

Stephanie D'Amico


Whenever I am looking for that special gift for a truely unique family member or friend, I always count on your Unique styles. The clocks bring timeless smiles, and create very special memories every time you look at them! Thanks for your creativity and inspiration every day!

pc spiele

I have read your blog and very impressed from them. I loved design of clock. It looks awesome. I like you way of designing and creativity.I love to visit your blog at weekend. You have done great yet and hope you will continue with same here.
Thank you so much for posting such a nice picture

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