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November 12, 2008



your China travels are reminding me of my days working for a gift importer (Delton Products.) i never made the trip overseas, but worked as a liaison between one of our artists and the Korean production team.

which reminds me of two of the grossest things i ever ate (both of which were during my stint with this company.) one was octopus. bleh! the other was a "cough drop" that was offered to me by on of the Chinese women who worked in the warehouse. to this day, i maintain that it was a hardened glob of Vick's vapo-rub. it burned!!

stay safe!! good luck with the QC guys.

Gary Allen

Do my comments enter me in the give away? How cool that you get to blog, even cooler for us to look at the pics, I love that part. I also get to see how my honey is doing. Smooches! G


How fortunate you can travel for business AND still have a good time at tea... LOL. Wow, I would hire him for a party.

Okay, I've eaten a lot of stuff and am pretty intrepid as long as it isn't shellfish (Developed a lifethreatening allergy some years ago).

I had it recently and guess I should put a photo of it up. A dessert -- red bean paste -- inside a sweet bun that was shaped and coloured like a *peach* (Georgia, remember?). The visual in this simple little Chinese restaurant just was so surprisingly detailed -- and good too!

Take care.


Amazing Michelle!!!
I love the sculpting photo!!!
is incredible eh :) how taented those kids must be :)


Hi Michelle,
Thanks for commenting on my blog. Just out of curiosity, what was the overall feeling about taking workshops and style?

I agree with Candace, the sculpting photo is beautiful!

Ok, the most interesting and grossest thing I have ever eaten was "Tripas" it is a mexican dish (I live close to Mexico, so there are alot of authentic food places around). It is the small intestine of farm animals (usually cow). They make it and put it in a soft corn tortilla. My boyfriend (hubby now) and I were on a date and he ordered it. He was all excited that this place had it and told me "When you get a good one...Milk squirts out." YUCK!! I had already tried a bite of his taco when he said that. It was just weird and didn't taste great at all.


I believe that your work will turn up nicely..although working with scary QC..hihi..If you fill that the food look gross, don't eat..take good care of yourself.. I hope the sculpt will be color in bright pink d[^_^]b


I believe that your work will turn up nicely..although working with scary QC..hihi..If you feel that the food look gross, don't eat..take good care of yourself.. I hope the sculpt will be color in bright pink d[^_^]b


Mandarine: Wei Pronounce Way for Hello when anwsering the phone.
Swedish: Hej Pronounced Hay for Hi.

Oh, I love the sculpting and the sculptors look like a friendly bunch!

The grossest thing I've eaten is dinner I made last night! LOL!
No seriously maybe squid. I've eaten Surstromming (Swedish Fermented Fish) when eaten with potatoes doesn't taste that bad. But I only ate a couple of bites of it. It comes in a bulging tin can. You have to be careful opening the can and it smells
awful. You open the can outside.

I ate chocolate covered ants when I was a kid. So I really can't remember how they taste. I tasted snails. Caviar doesn't taste all that great to me.

I've eaten Pork in a resturant that was bad and made me sick. I've eaten it since and got sick again. So I don't eat pork unless it is a ham or bacon. Which I don't eat often and don't buy it myself. Only eat it at someone elses home if served.

Hope you get a great nights Sleep while you are there. Ask God to give you a sweet sleep each night before going to sleep. It helps me.

God Bless You and Yours and Your Trip to China!!!


Yummy, that all looks great!

I ate frog legs once...but thought it was chicken until afterward. Everything tastes like chicken, hehe!

What a fun giveaway! You are very talented, love your work.


I'm not very adventurous when it comes to food...........I've eaten caribbou, but other than that nothign to crazy. Except my mother's famous dish that we called Ralph. She would take all the weeks leftovers and throw them in a pot and make a stew out of them and we would have to eat it for dinner............UUCK!

Glad you are able to blog from over there! I love seeing your China adventures. Be safe!

 Sue Anderson

Wow, that tea pot is cool!

Patty W

Man...that's a BIG tea pot!

Uh... I don't do gross food! Have a hard enough time with some of it as it is!

And...thank you for trying to keep QC under control...like we need them cutting corners on more of our products.
Hope you are getting some rest.

Healing Expressions

HI Michelle..
What a Fabulous experience you must be having (aside from jet lag and quality control stress lol). That jet lag was awesome for some incredibly cool journal pages though! And that tea pot scene...Wow!

OK, the most awful thing I was tricked into eating by my sweet girlfriend was deep fried frog legs...and no...contrary to popular belief they did not taste like chicken (lol)!
Looking forward to seeing you for our play day!
Hang in there!


mmm, I ate water buffalo in Nepal (which was pretty much like steak)...oh, and yak butter which was odd. My favorite was Nepali tea...like Chai but sooooo much better.

enjoying your china adventures! hope you get some rest!

Kate Young

The grossest thing I've ever eaten is EEL~! It was on the dinner table while a student in France 23 years ago. It was cooked and still had the head on as well. *shudder* It was just so thick. I don't remember the taste, just that I thought it was the most disgusting thing. We also had mussels which I really don't like either. They were in some kind of sauce in puff pastry.

We were in some fancy restaurant in Paris when I first got there with a family of my friend I traveled with, and yes, the shrimp still had the heads, which a college-aged guy with us, ate all of it. I'm not sure if they always do or if he was putting on a show for us, LOL.

I've also tasted calf brains, but that was at a French restaurant near Davis, CA of all places. BLECH~!

Michelle, I LOVE your artwork~! I have quite the collection of your clocks so much that I look like a clock finatic, hehe. I think I purchased my first one in 1996 at the Portland Market. So happy for you to be continuing with your art.


I am afraid I would literally starve in China. I don't have an answer to your question because I can't, I won't, and I couldn't stomach to eat anything gross! I would go without rather than heave at the table! LOL! I do like the majestic tea pourer though. :)

Annaliese Gove

love your blog! don't know how I have missed it for this long--but glad I am here now :) Your travel to China makes me want to go there again--we traveled there 2 years ago when we adopted our youngest. The green beans in your picture make me drool, as the green beans I had in a restaurant over there were the best I have ever tasted. I am so not adventurous in eating--so I saw many unusal things while there, but mainly ate the power bars we brought along!

oh--yes, and I am so excited to be entered in your give-away! you create beautiful art.

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