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November 16, 2008


Teri Leigh

I have loved your pictures. Someday I would love to travel internationally and so until then you are my eyes to China. Welcome home soon!


Thanks for entertaining us with your travel tales!


Yay for Starbucks!!

I'm pretty sure that you can ask for your coffee in a mug here if you are staying in the store.

Those sugar candy creations are AMAZING!

Glad you had a great trip!

I'm excited to come to the studio sale!!!!


Oh no! You're coming home...already?? No more pictures of fish and slim? LOL! I always enjoy your China pictures, and it does seem (to us) that you just got there! Your family will be delighted to see you. Welcome back!


did you tasted the animal candied??? look very nice..hihi..but very sweet I think.. anyway, hope you had a safe journey d[^_^]b

Patty W

Thank you so much for all the great photo's ! You are so good at capturing that special something. I so enjoy seeing some of the things that you have seen :)


sonya paz

Patterns. Too funny, I do the same thing - I take photos of random stuff, (crud on window sills, corrugated metals, cracks in sidewalks) so that I can remember them later too.


have fun in China - can't wait to see you in April!



God Bless and Have a safe trip!

Kate Young

I've been reading your blog daily, catching up on the daily slime balls er, whatever you called that last dish~! LOL

Welcome back~! You can have ALL my Starbucks *cringing at coffee* I think the majority of coffee drinkers are too mobile to sit in the place with a ceramic cup ;-)

I wish I was closer to go to your sale. Hope it's a good one~!


DANGIT! I missed it...your whole trip. Oh I'm a bad friend. I didn't know you weren't staying as long. So when I realized yesterday that I STINK as a bloggy friend right now I thought I would have time to make it up to you. But I DON'T. I'm sorry!!!
That's awesome that you are on your way home already. Gary was missing you on Sunday!


I always tell them to put my latte in a cup -- i.e., a real honest to goodness cup, too, not that paper thing. LOL. They know me now. But good coffee at home: priceless.

Those fish are great, aren't they? I grinned all over when I saw them.
And I loved that view of Shenzhen!

Thanks so much for sharing all of this with us, Michelle. It has meant a lot.


The amber candied fish are so exquisite. I cannot believe this talented artist can only sell his creations for 80 cents.

meg duerksen

glad you made it home safely. that was a big trip! i bet it was beautiful there. fish in bags? what 's that about?

best wished on your studio sale....it sounds hectic.


Love the fish!

It was nice to see you on Sunday. You always look so youg, cute and energetic.

Suzy Lounge

Are those candies made from caramel? how did he make those cute animal candies, how about the little fish are they real?

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